WIWW: Linen and Lace + Link Up

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Linen and lace has always been one of my favorite combos. It has been feeling like summer here in Texas (we completely skipped spring...90 degree temps already!), so I am busting out more of my summer wear. I found this lace top for $3 at Forever 21 a couple years back. The linen pants are also Forever 21 and I hemmed them with no sew tape using my hair straightener. Innovative I tell ya, innovative.

- Today is my kiddos science STAAR test. Prayers for them, please!

- I went to Old Navy yesterday and spent some of my reward money...and I can't wait to show off my finds! I have been wanting some of the items I got for a really long time!

- Yesterday I snoozed my alarm five times. That tells you the kind of week I'm having.

- "Mrs. T! You're teeth are so shiny! Like the people in the commercials!" Thank you, student, for your gracious compliment on my "shiny" teeth.

- Is it Friday yet?

Now for the link up!

- All I ask is you link back to my blog and link to a specific post. 

- Write about something fashion related (accessories, shoes, modeling, make-up, etc.)

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Happy Wednesday! 

Thank you for linking up!

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  1. Oh my gosh you crack me up. I love the no sew tape plus straightener idea, though. Brilliant! Now if only I can find an item that is too short... :D

  2. Love the top! Can't wait to see what you picked up!

  3. Cute, cute outfit! Hope your kiddos do well on the test!

    Becky @bybmg

  4. Love those pants girly! This is so perfect for spring!


  5. I love no sew tape! It is seriously the best thing ever for a shorty like me. I find myself hemming a lot of pants I buy! And I love your short hair curled!! It looks so adorable! What size curling iron do you use?

  6. Loving your DIY hem job on these.
    And your hair.
    Miss you lady.

  7. Great outfit, love the lace top and linen pants, although I hate ironing, so not sure if I could wear those :) Love your turquoise bracelets too!

  8. Sarah, first of all that haircut keeps getting cuter each week. This style of haircut looks very nice on me too. But I find it harder to maintain than long hair. You are making me itch to cut it though.

    That is the prettiest lace top I've seen. What a relaxed, urban look you pulled together. I am quite happy with my outfit today also. You should take a peek when you have a second.

    P.S. Thanks for the compliments on my sweet Vivian. She made another appearance on the blog today, also. LOL

    <3 Ada.

  9. I've wanted to use the no sew hemming stuff because I am no seamstress at all! Does it work that well? Or should I just take them to the seamstress? Love your outfit!!

  10. This top is so pretty! I've had my eye out for a lace top but I can never find one I like. But I love yours with the tank underneath!

  11. I love the look of linen pants and have been eyeing a pair for so long! Almost as cute as your hair...I said almost cause girl...that cut and curl is adorbs on you!!

  12. Super Cute Outfit! Can't wait to bust out my linen pants!! And love your Randoms...good luck to your kids!!

  13. Never thought about using the staightener!!! I never use it on my hair so I have another use for it! Also, your hair looks so cute!!!

  14. Stop being so adorable. Okay??? And you did a no sew with your flat iron??? You are my hero!!

  15. Great comfy look! Your hair looks SO good!!

  16. Cute spring look! Love the top.
    I finallllly did an outfit post and linked up woot woot!

  17. No sew tape!!! Thank you for posting about this. I literally just bought a pair of white linen pants last weekend that are too long and was seriously going to google search an alterations place near us after I finished reading your post. Now I just need to head to the store for some tap instead!

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