11 Facts About Me & 11 Questions Answered

Monday, April 21, 2014

11 Facts About Me
1.) When, and if, Chris and I ever have a baby girl, her room will NOT be pink. No, no, no pink!
2.) I don't have my tonsils anymore.
3.) I have an Master's Degree in Business that I don't use at all.
4.) I could never give up cereal, chips, and ice cream. Never ever.
5.) I have never lived at home since I moved out to go to college.
6.) I am the worst at remembering to send cards for birthdays/holidays/special occasions. I never remember! That is one thing I need to get better at!
7.) I hate red roses and most chocolate.
8.) In high school I took my Mom's car and went and picked up my friends to drive around. It was completely pointless, and I was only 15. The next Monday at school I got called to the office and a cop was waiting there to lecture me about how I was looked up to in our community and basically how that was a really stupid decision. Thanks, Mom, for setting up that little intervention for your straight A student.
9.) In high school, I once spent all my money I had saved (like $400) at Abercrombie. I got approximately three things. Yes, I do regret that decision!
10.) In 7th grade I had to sing in a play. It was awful.
11.) I used to be the girl at the sleepovers that froze everyone's underwear. Can we all be 10 again?!
11 Questions Answered
1.) What makes your life lovely?
2.) What's your favorite sound?
Toddler/baby laughs. It is the best!
3.) If you had a month off from life (work, school, responsibilities) and a sizable budget , what would you do?
Probably travel to places I have never been. Australia, New Zealand, London. 
4.) What's your favorite kind of cupcake?
5.) What's your favorite animal?
Dogs...especially my two mutts :)
6.) What's your favorite quote?
Excuses are like armpits. Everybody has them and they all stink!
7.) What's your favorite caffeinated beverage?
Coke. It is soooo good.
8.) What's something you hope to accomplish this year?
Workout consistently and eat healthier. I also want Chris and I to build our savings so we can buy him a new truck with cash.
9.) What's your favorite season?
This one is hard. During summer, I wish it was fall or winter. During fall and winter I wish it was summer. I would say a good spring day is pretty hard to beat.
10.) If you had $1000 to give to your favorite charity, which one would you give it to?
Some charity for single moms and their kiddos.
11.) What's your favorite place you have ever traveled to?
New York City. I would move there in a New York minute!

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*post inspired from Kristen


  1. Come to New York!!! It's finally starting to feel like spring here!!

  2. I'm on the NO PINK train as well...I like more neutral colors for a baby girls room for some reason....and remind me if I ever stay at the Tucker Casa to hide my underwear at night ;)

  3. no pink no way i am in agreement with that!

  4. I miss my chips so so bad! Salt and vinegar is my fav :)


  5. Freezing underwear?? That's new to me. I am also in total agreement about the pink in a girls bedroom. Not happening in this house either.