WIWW: Pale Pink & Stripes + Link Up

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ya'll, I'm obsessed with this outfit. I like most of my outfits, but I love this one. One, it's comfortable. Two, it's com-fort-able. And three, it's casual yet stylish. I should also mention affordable. Shoes, pants, and top combined are under $100.

Everything except the accessories are from Old Navy. Let me be honest for a moment. I haven't shopped at Old Navy in probably five years. Why not? I have no idea. Since we have a Banana Republic credit card we get tons of points and with those points I get clothes...therefore I am not really spending money. Get it?

Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy are all owned by the same company, so I can spend our points at any of those places. Since I had points about to expire, and I kept seeing these shoes around blogland, I knew I needed to get in on the action.

YA'LL. These blogland ladies were not kidding. Most comfortable shoes/wedges/kinda formal/kinda casual sandals EVER. I don't brag on many items, and Old Navy has no idea who I am, but geeezzzz these are some great shoes. So great that I bought the same pair in black...and I have already worn the heck out of both pairs. And, if they would have had a navy pair in my size, I would have got those, too! They are true to size (I wear an 8 in all my flats and I got an 8 in the wedges), just in case you want to get in on the Demi-wedge action as well.

I can tell you that I chased 10 year old's around all day yesterday and my feet never hurt one time. I find that my flats give me no support, and these wedges are the perfect height!

Now that I have deemed myself an honorary spokesperson for Old Navy, let's get on to some randoms.

- We just booked our vacation for this summer and we are going to....San Francisco for a week! I can't wait and am counting down the days until June! Recommendations are welcome!

- I will be getting these sandals this weekend with some points that are about to expire. I am only writing this to remind myself to get them.

- My cherubs are soon going to start being referred to as something other than cherubs because their actions lately have mimicked those of a rabid monkeys at a zoo. Their attitudes have been stellar lately as well (side eye...). I did just use the word stellar which should clue you in as to how crazy these kids are making me.

Now for the link up!
- All I ask is you link back to my blog and link to a specific post. 

- Write about something fashion related :)

PS: Thanks to everyone who has been linking up! After all this state testing is done, I will get my life back and be able to read all my blogs again! Sorry for the lack in replies to posts and comments!

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Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. I agree with loving this outfit!! We have a Gap card and I love using their points for free clothes! So fun!


  2. You are too cute, I can never really find much i Old Navy... I feel like its one of those places I have to visit often to find anything. I'm glad you love the shoes Ill go try a pair on! Also SF.... yayyyyy!!!! you must go to Tacolicious.... yummy!! miss you friend!


  3. you look gorgeous. That is all.

    wait. that isn't all, SF is my favorite city. I will text you all my favorites this week and you will be sorry you asked;)

  4. So funny, rabid Monkeys at a zoo...you are so funny. I love this outfit, it does look super comfy. I am all about comfortable lately.

  5. Well now you've sold me. I've been eyeing those shoes but I couldn't decide which color. Guess I just need both ;)

  6. Such a cute look! Love the stripes and pastels!

    Jenna from Visions of Vogue

  7. Looks like such a cute, comfortable outfit!

  8. Such a perfect spring outfit! Love the stripes and pink! I have a Banana Republic rewards card too and it's so fun to get the free clothes.


  9. Love this outfit! You look so pulled together, but could easily chase after little ones :)

  10. That outfit though....L-O-V-E! And those shoes...my feet need them...but not for another 38 days of course ;) I do have to say that Chris is becoming an exceptional photographer.

  11. Ah those pale pink pants are amazing! This is such a darling Spring outfit, love it!