A spontaneous trip...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

You're supposed to be spontaneous when you are young, wild, and free, right?

Since we found out we weren't moving this weekend, we decided to head down to the Austin area to surprise my family! My aunt was having a retirement party that we originally thought we weren't going to be able to make, but since we have no TV or internet, we decided we might as well make a quick trip down there.

Saturday we woke up, loaded up, and headed south!

We walked in my parent's house and my Dad was sitting in his chair (like he normally is) and he was quite surprised! My Mom was out shopping at a flea market, so Chris and I went outside and threw the football and waited on her.

That night we all went to my aunt's retirement celebration. It was so good being surrounded by friends and family!

Sunday we headed back early. Good thing we did because the temperature dropped 50+ degree and the DFW area is, once again, covered in ice. I thought we were worried about global warming here, people?
Now, thanks to our wonderful neighbors who are letting us bum internet from them, we have internet, so I can get online and print some things that need to be printed for our house.

Oh, and I watched The Notebook for the FIRST time ever last night with Chris. Oh my gosh! Dementia hits home because my Meme suffered from it and she died in August of 2012 right after her and my Granddad celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. To say I was bawling would be an understatement. I was uncontrollable.
Happy Monday!

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  1. Spontaneous trips are always fun... but, the Notebook for the FIRST TIME!?!? Where have you been woman?? The ending is sad but, it's so sweet too. Just an overall great movie!!

  2. Yay for trips!!! I am tired of this cold weather. I had Wyatt in shorts on Saturday and now I can't even drive to work since they cancelled school for him. Ready for spring!!!

  3. oh my god. The Notebook is soooo good! can't believe you just now watched it!

  4. We got that bout of sleet, snow and ice too. We didn't do much this weekend because of it, and I'm off school today but I will need to go dig my car out to go to my job tonight. So glad you were able to surprise your family and make it to the party.

  5. Sounds like you had a fun fun weekend! It seems like you all have had a fair amount of snow and ice in DFW this winter! (I say that because my husband has flown in/out of DFW several times over the last few months)

  6. What a fun way to surprise your family! Spontaneous trips are so much fun :) Stay safe with the ice!! xx


  7. This turned out to be a great family trip for you. Much needed after all the house mishaps. Hope you get into your new home, soon. =)