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Thursday, October 22, 2015

November is right around the corner. As in next week is the last week of October. If you're like me, each year I try really hard to be done with my Christmas shopping early, but it rarely happens. 

This year will be different! Since we are having a baby in April we are spending $5 max on each person in our family, so this year's shopping should be easy. Totally kidding. Although I won't be buying anyone expensive presents this year, that doesn't mean that I'm not a basket full of open arms if anyone wants to throw some my way!  

Here are some nice gifts for that woman in your life.

- A Tory Burch cross body. I'd really take any of them, family, if you're reading.

- Leather banded watches are so classic, as well as tortoise shell watches. I'd take one of each, if you're asking.
- How cute are these travel bags? These would be the perfect, unique gift!

- These passport holders would make perfect stocking stuffers.

- And what lady doesn't love a cute new phone case?

Happy Thursday!

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