How I Told Chris I was Pregnant + Big News!

Monday, October 5, 2015

As a wife I always wondered how I'd tell Chris that we were expecting a baby. He insisted that if I thought I was pregnant, I should wait until he was there to take the pregnancy test with me. I don't follow rules, so that obviously didn't happen.

It was August 4th and, as I told y'all Friday, I had gone to the grocery store and picked up a pregnancy test. I got home and tried to resist taking it, but Chris wasn't getting home from work for hours and there was no way that I could wait that long, so I decided to take it.

From the moment it showed two pink lines I started thinking of how to tell Chris. I was so giddy with excitement I could hardly hold the secret in until he got home.

Here's the thing: Chris gets reallyyyyy dirty at his work. He works with copper, so there are always metal flakes in his clothes, so he strips down to his boxers in the laundry room everyday before coming into the house. I knew I would want his reaction on video, so I had to think of a way to capture his reaction before he got inside. I mean I'm fine showing him off in his boxers, but I'm not sure he feels the same way...

Our garage door has chalkboard paint on it, so I decided to write "Welcome home Daddy!" on the door for him to see as he walked in. I decided to set my camera up on the hood of my car, but out of his view as he walks through the garage.

He always calls me on his way home and I think I asked him where he was 20 times just so I'd know when to go put the camera on the hood of the car.

Needless to say it worked out perfectly! He didn't notice the pregnancy test until he got right up to the door. We usually have some welcome message on that door all the time, so it didn't look different enough to draw his attention to it, but I taped the pregnancy test right next to the door handle because I had a feeling he might look passed it all.

I love how you can hear him saying, "No way! NO WAY!" He just kept saying that over and over. It was precious!

And BIG NEWS! Come back tomorrow to find out if Baby Tucker is a boy or a girl!!!!


  1. What a cool way to tell your hubs the big news! Congrats again!

  2. That is absolutely precious! And oh my goodness....I don't think I can handle this new found fun you are having being so suspenseful!!

  3. This video is awesome. His reaction is priceless. What a great memory to have on film. :)

  4. Awww how sweet!! I can't believe we will know tomorrow what you are having- can't wait!!

  5. Such a sweet idea!!! So excited to come back and read your post tomorrow :-]

  6. I just love it!! What a perfect way to surprise him when he got home. I love his reaction of course. Just still so stinking happy for you my beautiful friend.

  7. Girrrrrlll!!! You gotta sexxxxy babydaddy!!!! 'Specially from the behind;)