Pregnancy Update

Friday, March 4, 2016

How far along: 35

Baby size: 20 inches and 5.5 pounds!

Sleep: Sleep is still great, BUT pregnancy carpal tunnel has decided to grace me with its presence and it is PAINFUL. For a couple days I was waking up with severe pain in my I couldn't even push myself up out of bed. I thought I was just sleeping on my hands/arms funny. Then, it got worse and the pain was drifting up my arms. After posting on instagram, and getting so many recommendations, I've been icing every night, followed by a massage by Chris, and then sleeping with my hands above my head. The ice really helps, so I hope I can keep the pain to a manageable level. 

Belly button: Still not popped! Thank The Lord!

Maternity clothes: Leggings everyday with some top that doesn't look like a crop top. Converse are on repeat. I even tried to wear the dress I wore to my shower and it is getting short!

Movement: Little man gets the hiccups all the time and lives on my right side. He is still head down and has no problem stretching out in the little space that is left for him. 

Cravings: Water. The cotton mouth is crazy!

Symptoms: See the sleep section. Other than the carpal tunnel, the hip pain has been better. Not sure what changed, but it hasn't been as severe. Also, the general exhaustion has set in. All I want to do is not be on my feet. 

Wedding rings: Still off. Some days hands are swollen, some days they aren't, but, like I said before, it is like my knuckles have grown.

Looking forward to: Spring Break next week! I just have to survive today and then I have a glorious week off. I have so many things to do and I'm looking forward to the relaxation!

Nursery progress: I am hoping to finish everything over Spring Break. I have everything put away. All that's left is decorations...which I can't decide where I want to put everything. Poor Chris has held up so many things on the wall he finally told me to just let him know when I'm ready to hang things up, haha!

Appointments: We go on Monday and our doctor said she will estimate how big he is! From now on we have weekly appointments, so I feel like things are getting real!

Happy Friday!


  1. I had tendonitis in my wrist after I had my 3rd and seriously got to the point I could not even button a onesie. I tried therapy, icing, etc and couldn't take anti-inflamatories because of nursing. I finally ended up with a cortisone shot and it was instant relief. On the bright look amazing in orange!

  2. Looking good and getting so close! Good luck in the final stretch!

  3. The weekly appointments make it seem so real!

  4. Love that cute baby boy bump of yours! Weekly appointments now?! It's gone by so fast! Cannot wait to see his cute face! I really need to get my booty in gear and look at a trip to see you guys!

  5. You already get spring break? Lucky!! Ours isn't until that week before Easter. Enjoy!!

  6. Exciting!! Pregnancy carpal tunnel is awful - I feel for you! My hands would swell too & I swore after having Jack that while I hadn't lost all my baby weight, I didn't think my hands were that much bigger!? I do think the swelling & carpel tunnel changed the overall shape? (Not the word I'm looking for...) but, regardless of what weight I lost I didn't think they were going back to normal size again. Hopefully yours will though & you'll be able to slip your rings on in no time!

  7. Your bump is so cute and you are getting so close!! I'm so excited for you! I am almost at 31 weeks with my second and getting really excited! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  8. Aww!! Best wishes in these final weeks!!