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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

dress // jacket // shoes // purse
How far along: 38 weeks + 5 days

Baby size: Swiss Chard? 20-22 inches and about 6.5+ pounds! I feel like his space in my belly is maxed out!

Sleep: I could sleep/nap all day. During the STAAR test yesterday I was one blink away from falling asleep. I get home and am exhausted, so going to bed at night is no problem at all. I sleep the whole night through minus the two times I have to go to the bathroom. 

Belly button: Flat and it feels like he could bust through it at any moment. 

Maternity clothes: Texas's weather has been so springy, which is great, but I only have winter maternity clothes! I picked up the above dress at Target last week. It is non-maternity, and almost too short in the front, but I am burning up in my leggings. My capri leggings and tee shirts have have been on repeat. 

Movement: He is definitely not afraid to punch around. He is also really low which has its own set of discomforts. He still favors my right side and it is quite uncomfortable when he decides to switch to the left.

Cravings: I'm just hungry all the time. I was trying to watch what I eat, but at this point I am throwing in the towel. If I want it, I eat it. I get full really fast and if I eat too much I am super uncomfortable.

Symptoms: Groin pain and tons of Braxton Hicks. Both of those have to be a sign things are moving in the right direction, right?!

Wedding rings: I'm terrified they will never fit again, ha! I haven't been wearing any jewelry at all because the swelling can be so sudden. Even my watch was feeling tight at times. Any sort of tightness kicks my claustrophobia into high gear, so I have just given up jewelry all together. 

Looking forward to: Him being here! We are ready for him and this waiting game is so suspenseful! I'd be lying if some moments I wasn't a little sad about it no longer just being Chris and I, but in no way does that mask our excitement for G to join us! 

Nursery progress: We played with the monitor, but haven't hung it yet and we are still waiting on the curtains!

Appointment updates: According to the doctor he is "low, low, low," but still only fingertip dilated. My cervix is posterior, but she made it clear that once labor starts, that can change within hours, so don't take that as a sign that he isn't ready. Once again, this suspense is so exciting!

We have an appointment later today, so if anything life changing happens, I'll share on my instagram

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Sweet and comfy outfit .. you look great! Thank you for hosting.

  2. Thank you for this bump update. My daughter was born at 38 weeks and was 6.6 lbs. So I know exactly how you feel these days. Good for you for sleeping a lot. This casual outfit is so cute, comfy which is key and totally Americana. Love the jacket and bag.

    Be healthy and good luck to you through these last few days Sarah.

    P.S. I will now follow you on Instagram.

  3. Your almost there! You look gorgeous! Love your dress and jacket!

  4. You are so close and you look so good! I love this cute dress paired with your converse. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  5. Do exciting! In the home stretch I hope! My son was born at 38 weeks 5 days...I never got to fell the suspense thing because both kids came early than I thought...looking good and yes to eating anything and everything!

  6. Oh goodness you look so presh! Soooo close. Can't wait to hear how your appt goes.

  7. you are too cute! love this look, and it looks so cozy for pregnancy!

  8. The weeks before he came, I suddenly got SO sad about how it wasn't going to be just me and Chris anymore. But trust me, that doesn't last for long! Now I can't imagine him not being here!

  9. You look awesome! And take advantage of eating anything and everything you want. Blame it on the babe. :) Such an exciting time! Can't wait to see when your little guy is here!