38 Weeks || Our Weekend

Monday, March 28, 2016

Saturday morning started off with breakfast on the square. We are really trying to savor each meal as is could be our last childless meal for quite sometime. We went to Snug on the Square in McKinney. Everyone always says they have the best oatmeal. I always thought, "How can oatmeal be that good?" Then, I tried it a few weeks ago and it is truly the best oatmeal ever

Saturday night we went to our friend's gender reveal party and found out the are having a....


We are one of six couple right now that are pregnant and Graham is the ONLY boy out of the group! He will have plenty of potential dates in the future...and he will surely know how to treat a lady!

Sunday morning was started at church and followed by Easter lunch at Chris's parent's house.

Monday is upon us and this is a big week for my kiddos...the state STAAR test. Please pray they do wonderful and the stress of it all doesn't put me into labor :)

I am only working three days this week and three days next week, so my official last day will be April 6th...that is if he stays in that long!

Happy Monday!


  1. Good luck with the test and with the last few days of pregnancy.

  2. Graham already having his pick of the ladies...Cause we know how handsome he is going to be! ;) You look so great my friend with your cute belly! I can't believe you will be on maternity leave next week!

  3. Praying for you and your kiddos this week. You know April 6th is a great day! That's my 40th birthday and it was my PaPa's birthday.

  4. The dreaded STAAR test....Carly has been talking non stop about the expository writing she will be doing. Enjoy your last few childless outings! So close!!

  5. Cannot believe we got to the same church! Also, you are so adorable and I can't WAIT to see that sweet boy of yours!!! Come on baby!

  6. You are looking marvellous! Seriously wonderful. At this point with my son i was like a whale, LOL! You are such a great teacher to still be working with your kids even this late in the pregancy. You are going to be such a great mum i can already tell ;)
    Best wishes for the next couple of weeks, i hope it goes super smoothly for you!

  7. You are so close! I use to teach 4th grade ELA in Houston so I know allll about the joys of STAAR testing. I can't imagine doing all that active monitoring at 38 weeks! Tell me all of these baby girls future names, I can not pick a name im crazy about to save my life!!!

  8. You are adorable! And I am also having a girl (22 weeks) but I feel like in my neck of the woods everyone is preggers with a boy! Congrats to you guys. You will be awesome parents and he will be SO GOOD LOOKING! xo


  9. Hoping the lack of post today means baby is here?!