Quotes from 5th Graders

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wow! Thanks for all the sweet comments about yesterday's post. I knew a lot of you had the same feelings, but to hear (or read) about your thoughts is so comforting and encouraging. I'm so humbled by how authentic my readers are, which helps me to be completely transparent. So, thanks again, everyone!

On the topic of being transparent, here are some 5th grader quotes for your Thursday morning:

After a student hugs me:
Student: Mrs. Tucker, you smell like church!

While previewing the chapters in a book we were about to start reading:
Me: So we can see that the first chapter is about the three sisters, Rosie, Poppy, and Lily. What do we think chapter two, Francis, will be about?
Student one: Oooooo, oooo, ooooo I know! Probably they are going to travel to Francis!! You know? Francis?
Student two: Naw, naw, naw! Francis is probably they cousin or somethin'.

And on that not, I hope everyone have a wonderful Thursday planning their next vacation to Francis!


  1. You so have to love little kids! The freedom to just say whatever is on your mind and not worry about being wrong...love this! Yesterday I watched a tutorial for a new hair style and tried it today...half up and half down....my 9 year old says "mom, you look like a college girl trying to dress like a grown up"...umm....was that a compliment?? haha

  2. haha how can someone smell like church?? too funny!

  3. hahhaha, you smell like church. What a compliment ;) I'm a teacher for the blind and work one on one with my students. They crack me up!


  4. I loved your previous post! Life isn't always perfect, that's for sure! I also love this post! What exactly does church smell like? lol!