Tuesday, February 3, 2015

House Tour || Master Bedroom {Update}

When we were deciding on new floors, we knew we wanted them to extend into our bedroom. Wrigley and Bailey aren't allowed in our room except to sleep (on the floor), but we just knew we wanted to get rid of the existing carpet. 

Once we got all the furniture out we decided to rearrange and put our bed on the opposite wall. In my opinion, it makes the room so much bigger. You can see our room before here. We have the same exact rug in here are we do in our living room

I added greenery to our $9 DIY wooden wall art and for now it is staying on the same wall. We are planning on getting a king size bed soon, so depending on the headboard we choose, I'm not sure what we will hang over our bed. Also, a new bed means new sheets, quilts, duvet, etc., so who knows the direction this room could go! 


Rug - Home Depot
Headboard - DIY under $50 here
Bedding - Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Lamps - Ralph Lauren from HomeGoods
Wooden Wall Art - DIY here

Happy Tuesday!


  1. It looks wonderful! Man, I really need to get our master bedroom in order! It is more of a catch all room that a retreat :( I guess that is what a 3 yo does to you :)

  2. Aww soo pretty--love your country chic decor! I adore the rug and the wall hanging--so pretty :)


  3. I love the pop of color the greenery adds! Your room is just so bright and beautiful..love it. :) Our master bedroom has been the least room touched since we moved in, so I am slowly working on it.

  4. Wow, your room looks beautiful! Like something right out of a magazine!

  5. Love that wood art with the fresh flowers, so cute! We want to upgrade to a king sized bed, but with that comes the expense of not only the bed/headboard/mattress but the sheets, duvet plus all of the allergy/dust mite stuff that I encase the mattress and put in the duvet...would I rather have new curtains or new bed, curtains win every time...haha! We have a lot of windows that still need something on them...

  6. I love how airy and bright your bedroom looks! And those vases are so pretty! You did a fabulous job with your decor!


  7. Love the floors and your bedding! I want a big window In my bedroom!

  8. Love it friend! The whole house just turned out perfectly! I bet it's nice to come home and just enjoy it all now! :)

  9. Love the room! The wood floors really warm it up. And I LOVE the wooden wall art!

  10. Your floors are gorgeous! You have such a beautiful home!! Great decorating :)


  11. Those floors are just so gorgeous!

  12. love it so much!! Yall did a great job

  13. Every single element relates within a room, looks wise and function wise. From the bed, to the pillows, to the curtains and to the floors, it seems that you have considered all of those real well, and that is just so inspiring. Everything looks so amazing! Just keep to where you're at with that, as I'm sure a lot new better ideas will rise out. Thanks for sharing that! All the best!

    Darin Robinson @ Flooring Marketing Online


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