WIWW: Leopard and Cobalt + Link Up!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pants: LOFT // Blouse: thrifted // Scarf: market days booth // Shoes: Wallis
What is better than leopard print? Nothing, that's what I thought. You know what else is amazing? Quotes from 5th graders. My little gems really know how to make me laugh at any given moment.

"Mrs., no offense but you look like you got a cat up in yo hair this mornin'." - referring to my messy bun.

"You're making me too smart, and my brain is truly hurting."

"Wait, you're married?" - a student asked me this at my teacher table today...it is the 7th week of school. 

"Mrs., you look like you're 12..." - ummm, thanks?

"Mrs., you look like you could be 30..." - ummm, thanks again?

"Wouldn't that be so funny if Mrs. Tucker's husband's name was Chris Tucker?" "My husband's name is Chris Tucker..." - they started dying laughing. They then went on to ask me if he was African American and if he was a "funny guy." 

I got a classroom full of laughter after I told them at the end of the day they needed to clean up their desks and do their duty of the day...doo-dee...oh to be in 5th grade again.

Speaking of doo-dee duty, it is my duty to give a shout out to Alison for these cobalt flats from Wallis! I won Alison's giveaway a couple months ago. It was a gift-card to Wallis and I chose these "teacher" shoes. I am normally hesitant about ordering shoes online, but they fit perfectly, and are surprisingly extremely comfortable!

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  1. In LOVE with those pretty flats! I love how professional this outfit is too - you look gorgeous as ALWAYS! :)

  2. Hahaha I loved all those quotes! Gah, they must make you laugh every day!

    Love the outfit and the pop of blue with the shoes is perfect!

  3. Lovey love love the pop of cobalt with the leopard! And bahahahahaha!! I can't wait for for hilarious quotes!

  4. This Outfit is so simple yet so lovely. I super love the scarf & those Blue Tory Burch Flats. Super Chic, Sarah. =)

    My pleasure linking up with you again, today. Check out what I wore. Thanks, Ada. =)

  5. Ooo those flats are such a gorgeous color and perfect for a day of teaching and being on your feet. Love the scarf and matching jewelry too! Haha 5th graders are hilarious! I love it.

  6. That scarf is all kinds of fun! I love it! Love the shoes too!

  7. Those kids are lucky to have Chris Tucker's wife as a teacher!! :) LOL! And yes, I have told you before...I agree, those Wallis flats are heaven!! I need to wear mine more....oops!! ;)

  8. Lol kids say the darndest things ;)

    I'm wearing a leopard scarf today too! Yay!

    I'm linking up with ya :)

  9. First off, thank YOU for the awesome shout out!!! Sorry for my tardiness in commenting, I've been sicker than a dog and am spending my second day in a row on the couch. :( I did get my spirits lifted by laughing at the things your students say. Cobalt and leopard are gorgeous together, LOVE those flats!!!

  10. Aww, fifth graders can be cute. Love your scarf! I'm loving everything cheetah this fall :)

    <3 Vicki