Please Come Back

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oh weekend, why must you go by so quickly?? I feel like I just left work and have yet to truly accomplish anything this weekend.

Friday nights are always a blur. After a week full of hearing two dozen ten year olds chirping, "Mrs. Tucker! Mrs.! Mrs. Tucker!", Friday nights are always quiet and relaxing. Chris grilled out deer back-strap wrapped in bacon. I made mashed potatoes with gravy, salad, and mac and cheese. After devouring all that deliciousness, I had to get a Sonic milkshake. I love having a Sonic right across the street from our neighborhood, but the scale hates it :) After stuffing ourselves like little piggies we contemplated having a slumber party in the living room, but quickly nixed that idea due to pure exhaustion.

Saturday morning was spent at our new Walmart. It is glorious not having to fight off a million "people of Walmart" while trying to stock up on necessities for the fruit roll ups and frozen pizzas. You would think we have a brood of toddlers running around with what the Tuckers stock their pantry with. Don't judge. 

Saturday around noon I headed into Dallas for a little girls day with some of my besties (since elementary school!). We started off at Breadwinners with mimosas and delectable sandwiches. It is such a blessing that we all ended up in D-town after attending colleges in different cities. Plus, nowadays, how many people can say that their true best friends are from elementary school?! I always leave our get-togethers feeling so filled with joy. These girls are a sense of home, they are my comfort zone (besides Chris, of course!). 

After lunch we headed to the Perot Museum. If you are ever in Dallas you need to check it out! They were showcasing an exhibit called 'Inside Out' where they had animals on display without their skin. I know it sounds gross, but it was truly fascinating. 

After the Perot, with the energy we had left, we headed to Pat Green's new bar and grill called 'The Rustic.' It it totally Texas. I would highly recommend it for the atmosphere, but not the food. Blah! I really enjoyed it because of the laid-back atmosphere and relaxing vibe. If you aren't very familiar with Dallas, it is very...uppity (is that a word?). If you aren't dressed to the nines, you feel out of place. I hate that part of this city. Judgy, judgy, judgy. At The Rustic I did not get that vibe at all. It is definitely a rare find in Dallas.

Sunday was spent cleaning, cooking, cleaning, going back to Walmart, laundry, watching movies, and walking the dogs. Chris went golfing with his friend, so I was able to knock out a bunch of cleaning since my distractor-factor wasn't around. 

Now it is Sunday night and I am praying it was just Saturday. I can't believe how fast time has flown by! This week is November. Ahh!

Have a happy Monday!

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  1. My best friend & Maid of Honor in my wedding is my best friend from 1st grade too! It's so neat to have ALLL those memories together!! That's good & bad to hear about The Rustic... We're going there for my birthday on the 16th this month!! Happy Monday chicka!!

  2. I have a love/hate relationship with those Bodies-type exhibits, animals or humans. They are really cool to see up close, but they kinda gross me out at the same time! :)

  3. Well those exhibits are interesting...and The Rustic looks like our kind of place! I'd totally go there and order a burger after seeing the inside of cow haha

  4. I wrote about the Rustic today and Brianne ^^ told me you did too! I'm so glad she did because I think your blog is totally adorable! Love finding other Dallas girls! :)

  5. Love that you're all over the frozen food. So are we :) I had no idea they did the body exhibits with animals. Sounds super interesting.

    New follower from weekend link up :) Brittany