High Five For Friday!

Friday, October 18, 2013

1. Tonight Chris and I go see Michael Buble. We danced to so many of his songs at our wedding, including our first dance, and so he has a special place in our hearts.

2. Tomorrow morning we are off toooo.....Kansas City! I told you it wasn't any place tropical. We are flying up there to visit Chris's sister, take in a KU football game AND a Chiefs game. Basically my weekend getaway turned into a weekend of football, which is okay in my book. Chris has to go up there for work next week, so it was nice that I was able to tag along!

3. My students are selling chocolates for a fundraiser. I bought three and managed to dominate one of them within five minutes of purchase. I really need to work on my self-control.

4. I am just now realizing how nice it is to live 45 minutes from your best friend in the world. We have been besties since 3rd grade (when I made fun of her for being a giant) and went to two different collages (she is an Aggie...) yet we have still managed to be best friends after all these years. When she accepted a job in Dallas in June I was so excited that, after all the years, and neither of us moving back to our hometown, we still get to be close to each other. And I just want to thank her for putting Chris and I up for the night tonight. She da best.

5. I just want to high five me for getting all my lesson plans squared away for next week. I am finally getting the hang of this teaching thing!

Happy Friday!

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  1. YAAY for lesson plans being done before the weekend! You'll figure out your groove very soon, if you haven't already! Hope y'all have fun this weekend!!

  2. Zack and I went to see Michael Buble when we were dating and he puts on an amazing show! Have fun! :)

  3. Yay! Have fun seeing The Bub in concert!!! And enjoy your getaway...I was hoping for Cali,,,but ya know.. in due time ;)

  4. Have fun at the concert!
    And how SWEET that your best friend is going to live close. What a special gift!

  5. Have fun in Kansas City! And at Michael Buble! Love him!

  6. I know you are doing a wonderful job friend. YAY for lesson plans being done. Hope the weekend was just as fabulous as you are!