A Swimsuit Calendar

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

As you know last weekend Chris and I went to a Kansas City Chiefs football game. It was an adventure to say the least.

First we missed our exit, then we lucked out with free parking, and when we finally parked we realized we were the only two people not wearing red. Shout out to all our Kansas peeps for not telling us that EVERY person is decked out in red. At least at a Cowboys game you see tons of people dressed in "normal" clothes. At the Chiefs game I swear I didn't see one person dressed in "normal" clothes. 

After we parked we had to walk across the state entire parking lot to find the tailgate where we were meeting the people from Chris's conference that graciously gave us the tickets. As we are walking around like we were completely out of place (because we were), Chris spotted two Chiefs cheerleaders. I was on task looking for lot E4...Chris on the other hand had his eyes on something else. 

All of a sudden I hear Chris say, "Hi! Would y'all mind taking a picture with my wife? She really wants a picture with y'all!" I looked at him with a confused look and realized I was about to take a picture with two gorgeous, and very sweet, Chiefs cheerleaders. Chris snapped our picture, they told me I looked "adorable", and we went on our merry way. Chris thought it was hilarious because I am not the cheerleader type and would never ask for a picture like that. Thanks, husband, for consistently pushing my boundaries. I'm sure you will cherish this picture forever. 

Fast forward to last night when Chris got home from KC (he stayed behind for work) he said he had a surprise for me and what did he whip out? An autographed Chiefs cheerleader calendar. I just about died laughing. It was in the package he got from the conference. After he handed it to me he said, "So where are we going to hang our new calendar?" I like how he said "our."

I told him I appreciated the motivation to now workout. I may not be the cheerleading type, but I wouldn't mind having a body like one! Now if only I could put down this ice cream...

Happy Thursday!



  1. Hahaha. I love how they said you were "adorable". Ha.

  2. God love Chris....and you for playing along...and I am still in awe that you guys pulled for the Chiefs....what the heck??? Not sure if we can be friends any longer!! ;)

  3. LOL! I would have told him to put it outside in the garage! Too funny!

  4. I give you alot of credit for going along, that is great! Stinks that you guys weren't wearing red like everyone else.

  5. Oh my, you are really the sweetest wife out there...I can honestly say my hubby would NEVER had gotten away with any of that shenanigans. You did look adorable..they were probably wishing they were more covered up in the cold ;)

  6. I say definitely make a framed collage thing with them. Perhaps the entry way? No? SERIOUSLY?! What do husbands think sometimes?? Like I am really going to let you hang your "We Make Chevy Parts Here" sign in our living Aaron. Get real. Hahaha.

  7. Heheheh..you are such a sport!! In our case, it would be me spotting the cheerleaders and pointing it out to my husband, and my husband looking for beer in the tailgate party.. You absolutely look "adorable" Sarah..