It's KU, not K-State

Monday, October 21, 2013

Friday night Chris and I headed to the Michael Buble concert. Holy amazing. 

I put my fancy shoes on for the "Bub (pronounced boob)".

My hot date. Thank goodness this boy is mine. 

The next morning (Saturday) we were off to Kansas City! This was Chris's "watching airplanes" look. 

Not long after we landed in the land of Oz we headed to Lawrence, KS...the location of KU...not K-State. I may have made that mistake a couple times by calling KU, K-State. Whatevs. 

Chris's sister's boyfriend went to KU, so he took us to a local burger place and of course the Tuckers had to start off with milkshakes. Lawrence was my favorite place of the weekend! Such a cute little town. Chris was saying "Rock Chalk!" allll weekendddd long. 

I love this boy so very much....

...even when he takes really awful pictures of me like the one below.

Me, Dana, and Chris's sister, Lauren at the KU vs. OU football game. Lauren and Dana went to OU, so we had a rivalry between the group. Chris converted from an OU fan to a KU fan just because of KU's tradition of "wave the wheat..." Google it.

Sunday we had the pleasure of attending a Chiefs game. I say 'pleasure' loosely. No offence to Chiefs fans, but y'all are insane. Literally. I think I am good for the rest of my life on attending Chiefs games.

At one point that gentleman behind Chris (below), and another guy, were about to fight. They were yelling, cussing, and acting completely classy (not). Luckily two men calmed them down and somehow managed to get both drunk idiots out of each other's faces. 

Not five minutes later, a guy, three rows up from us, blacked out and face planted into the kid in the blue shirt. The kid in the blue shirt then clocked me and another lady in the head when he fell on us. The poor kid's leg got wedged in between two seats when he fell and he instantly started bawling. The drunk guy got up (barley) and acted as though he didn't just black out from being completely wasted. It was a real crap show if you ask me. 

After those two incidents I told Chris it was time to go. I don't do fighting and I definitely don't do drunk idiots and that seemed to be a theme there.

Sunday night we headed to "The Plaza" in KC where we chowed down on Cheesecake Factory. I had the banana cheesecake....usually I can't eat a whole piece, but good lawddd that was delicious! Chris got one bite and I am not sure who ate the rest...

I am so happy I got to visit my SIL and see where she lives! We miss her so much! Although parts of Kansas were nice, I think I am fine right here in Texas! 

I got back last night, while Chris stayed behind to work up there this week. My welcome home present was me getting locked out of my house and our internet not working. If that doesn't scream welcome back, I don't know what does!

Happy Tuesday!



  1. You came to Kansas City!? Holy crap I live here! And went to KU!
    Small world. Hope that KC/Lawrence treated you well! :)

    xo fal •

  2. Thank you for sharing these pictures! I really guess that you guys had an amazing weekend :) It seems you had a lot of fun (even with some unfortunate happenings like the guys behind you...). You two are such a sweet couple :)

    xo, Julia (daysfullofglitter)

  3. This whole post just kind weirded me out! I went to KU so seeing you at my school's field and then at a Chief's game is just strange! So glad you loved Lawrence... it really is a great city! And I'm going to need to know where you stopped for burgs and shakes! :)

  4. I have heard Lawrence was really nice! It sounds like y'all had a great time and the weather looked beautiful! Welcome back to Texas, even though your house wasn't so welcoming!

  5. Sounds like such a fun weekend!

    I LOVE The Plaza...especially at Christmas! Gorgeous!

  6. I must guys looked rather spiffy for the bub's concert ;) And love how you referred it to the Land of Oz..we are so meant to be.

  7. I went to a Lions vs Bengals game on Sunday, and we had some drunk Cincinnati fans in front of us. I'm all for cheering for your team, but when you become drunk and obnoxious, that's too much for me. Glad you had fun on your trip, but too bad you had to deal with idiots at the KC game!

  8. It sounds like you had quite a weekend with the two "shows" you got to enjoy! I love Michael Buble! I heard him in Atlanta a few years ago. Now, if only I could get Kevin to love him!

  9. Ohhh I am so jealous! Lawrence is my all time favorite college town! I grew up with a good friend who's grandpa played basketball for the KU team that went to the Olympics. That somehow translated into me being obsessed with KU and decking my room out in everything Jayhawk when I was in jr high and being obsessed with games haha Glad you had such a fun time!

  10. So what this post says is that next time, you just go to a Dallas Cowboys game and Michael and I come up there to meet yall for said game and we go together?! Or did I read that wrong?!

  11. Oh my I love this post! What a great time you two had on your trip! miss your pretty face, chat soon? PS you two are one extremely good lookin couple!