A gold ring

Monday, October 28, 2013

Gold. A gold ring. That is one thing I have really been wanting since the start of my resolution. And, since you all know, I can't buy one until 1.1.14, I was constantly praying a gold ring would end up on my door step. And guess what?! One did!

Okay, that was a slight exaggeration, but you get the point! No, you don't get the point? Let me explain.

Punky Bunny is an amazing company that makes gorgeous handmade jewelry. When they sent me this ring, I was blown away. I didn't tell them what ring I wanted, or tell them any details, and they generously handed me over this floral beauty. And it was gold. Score! 

Their jewelry would make the PERFECT Christmas gift. Affordable, quality jewelry at the click of a button. Go check out their inventory here. And did I mention they can personalize your jewelry for you? Check. it. out. 

And with all jewelry you need a case, right? Enter Lori Leigh Designs. This traveling jewelry case is another awesome Christmas item! 

I love, love, love how it holds your earrings and keeps them separate. I hate opening my suitcase to find a jumbled mess of jewelry. Annoying, right?

Just to give you a size reference, I place my iPhone next to the case. 
No, I didn't get paid to promote this product. These items were sent to me and I seriously think they are fantastic! The ring, I wear it almost everyday. No tarnishing, no cracking, no bending at all. It is great! And the jewelry box? Do I really need to explain the greatness of this? And for under $25. Wrap that baby up for Christmas and you will get a guaranteed smile!

Do you have something to organize your jewelry? Need handmade, or custom jewelry? Shop Punky Bunny and Lori Leigh Designs now!


  1. That jewelry travel case is awesome! I've been looking for one for so long!
    I also love that ring.. so glad you were able to get a Gold one :)

  2. That travel case is awesome!! That would make a great Christmas gift!

  3. That travel case would be awesome to have!!! Cutesy ring too friend :)

  4. These are awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  5. That ring is stunning. I wish rings just showed up on my doorstep! ;-) hahah

  6. That case is to die for. I absolutely love it and the organized pretty-ness that is happening inside. woohoo

  7. I am so enjoying following your blog! I love this ring! I can't wait to look into this company as I had never heard of them! Thanks so much for sharing :) Looks like good things do come to those who wait!