Thursday, October 10, 2013

Currently, you are reading this and currently I am not writing this, but isn't everything in blog-land a bit delayed?

Let's rewind to last night... 

Chris and I just watched X Factor. Alex and Sierra - amazing. Seriously. If I could sing, I would want to sing like her. If Chris could sing, I would want him to sing like him. Watch their first audition here.

Glee, wow. I am not an avid Glee watcher, but I had to watch last night's episode honoring "Finn," Cory Monteith. The cast did an incredible job holding it together. I could not even imagine filming an episode like this. On a lighter note, the cast is looking old.

All this TV watching wouldn't be complete without chicken spaghetti and strawberries with Cool Whip!

Remember that huge bone Chris bought Wrigley a couple weeks ago? It is a couple chewin's from being g-o-n-e. At the moment the pups are tag teaming the last knuckle of it. 

Currently I am writing this blog and reading articles on clean eating....good thing my chicken spaghetti is made with the nation's finest artificial cheese, cheapest noodles, and most delicious cream of mushroom condensed soup. All I can do is go up from here. Two claps for me. 

Moving on to weekend plans. If the rain holds off we are headed to the State Fair of Texas. Looks like my clean eating will really hit its peak. Texas/OU is also this weekend! Saturday we are meeting up with Amber and Jordan!

Sunday will probably be full of prepping for next weeks lessons, naps, and football.

Happy Friday! 


  1. Mmm Chicken Spaghetti sounds SO good! I need to whip some of that up, stat. two claps.

    I hope you don't get lost in the crowds at the fair this weekend? Aren't you supposed to avoid it on gameday? Anyway, have fun!!!

  2. Glee is definitely calling my name on the DVR!!

  3. Oh I am so jealous that you get to go to the fair! We left a week before it started :(

  4. I am not a Glee fan either but I plan on watching last night's episode as well. I hear it was pretty emotional.

  5. Currently I am on the same clean eating page with you and wishing I was going to the state fair with you this weekend. Have fun friend! Fingers crossed for no rain ;)

  6. That Glee episode just about made me call in sick to work Friday. I have never been a huge tv fan but something about that cast just dragged me in. I hope everything is going great friend. Miss you mucho but I know you are enjoying your business. :) happy Sunday.