9 months of NO shopping

Thursday, October 3, 2013

September has flown by! I feel like each week goes by so quick when you love what you do!

I only have three months left to master my resolution!

I have been in total teacher mode ever since starting in August. Even if I was able to shop, I don't think I would have any time or energy to. Through this process I have been converted to an, almost, exclusive online shopper.

Here are some outfits I wore throughout September.

On my list of must haves for 2014:
- booties for the cooler weather

Yup, one item. You might say, "You haven't shopped for almost an entire year and the only thing you really want is booties?" My answer to that is...I can honestly not think of what was on my list before today. That, to me, speaks volumes as to how impulsive us girls can be. At the moment I want things REALLY bad. Then, when I don't cave and get what I want, I forget that I ever wanted it. 

Lesson learned in September: the urge I get to buy things can go away with a little time and thought.



  1. I love seeing all of your outfits together and I am still so impressed by your no shopping this whole year. Incredible!

  2. Gosh I totally feel u on the no shopping ban ;) It's been more than a yr for me to go shopping beyond the necessities due to a different reason, my diet haha. But all the looks here in Sept are so lovely esp how colorful they are! I love wearing booties in the fall/winter, they are def a must have!

  3. You are just so cute that I wanna eat ya up!! I mean really, Sarah....you are precious!! Three more months and all you want are booties??? Hello, I thought we were going shopping?????

  4. Whooooo Hoooo!!!! Only 90 more days! You got this! Then, I shall corrupt you by making you go on a girls shopping day when we have our visit haha ;)

  5. I LOVE all of your outfits, especially your blue/black dress & navy/mustard outfit! Great style!

    Lauren from Modern Modesty

  6. Your style is so spot on. And 9 months of no shopping is totally inspiring. I just had a baby so I'm in full on shopping for my back to normal (yet slightly different) body mode ...but I've been feeling so guilty for how much I'm buying. Maybe I need to take a step back. Very interesting challenge.

  7. I love this! I am such an impulsive shopper it's awful! These outfits are adorable! Congrats, only three more months to go :)

  8. Great job on self control and determination! I am so impressed by you not buying anything. And your outfits are all so cute!!


  9. I am so proud of you! You are doing awesome! I don't think I could do it!

  10. Sarah. I am SO, SO, SO proud of you. Seriously. So amazing that you have done this for 9 months. Only 3 to go!!!! You are really inspiring....I am not sure I could do it for a month, much less a year. The amount of money you must be saving is awesome, not to mention self control!!!! Way to go!!!!!