Oh, Baby!

Monday, October 7, 2013

I feel like ever since I finished graduate school I can actually enjoy my weekends. I have time to cook, clean, relax, visit friends, and actually have a life. 
Friday evening my school had a bike rodeo. The kids bring their bikes up to school and ride around the parking lot. There is a company there who fixed their bikes, the local fire department was there, and the local police department. My co-worker brought his little girl up to school and oh. my. goodness. baby fever. She is an absolute doll!
Saturday, Texas decided to let fall come visit. A cold front blew in around 8am and the temperature dropped into the 50's. Chris was fishing that morning and sent me a picture of the cold front, literally, blowing in. I sent him a picture of my Eggos and told him, while he was freezing, I was nice and toasty! It ended up being the perfect fall day; cold and rainy. We had out first fire of the season, I made homemade broccoli cheese soup, we watched football, and relaxed all day. It was perfection.

Saturday night we went to our neighbor's house for a birthday party. We played games, ate yummy food, and then we were in bed buy 11pm. We are party-people I tell ya!
Sunday started off with church followed by a trip to the grocery store. On the way home we stopped by a pumpkin patch to pick up a couple pumpkins! I brought out some fall.Halloween decorations and took away some spring and summer decor. 
Sunday afternoon I headed to our friend's house (a couple streets over) to visit this seven day old baby boy. Babyyy feverrrr. Oh my goodness he is a ball of precious! Just the most adorable little thing! Now I have an adorable baby next door, and an adorable baby down the street, so Chris is hoping that calms my fever for awhile!
Sunday night was spent cheering on our Cowboys (who lost to Denver, boo!) and dining on homemade Chicken Parmesan.
How was your weekend? Do you have baby fever?! 
Happy Monday!
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  1. Wasn't Saturday the perfect day!? I was obsessed. Happy Monday!

  2. Since we were in Corpus (with 100% humidity, so it felt!) I was so jealous of everyone back home commenting how it was so cold on Saturday! I'm so glad it's still cool & the temps should be pretty low the rest of the week!!! Baaabbbyyy FEEEEVVVEEERRRRR!!!! LOL!

  3. I loved the cool mornings this weekend...and it looks like Cali is actually going to get some rain this week! And I'm sorry about the game...your boys put up a good game, but come on..its the Broncos ;) Love you!

  4. Sounds like the perfect fall weekend to me!

    Thanks for linking up with Kimberlee and I for Monday Morning Gossip :)

  5. Your weekend sounds almost identical to ours down to church, grocery shopping and pumpkins yesterday. You need to share your soup recipe; it looks great!

    Happy Monday! :)

  6. Sweet baby love! And it was in the 90's all weekend in Carolina. I wore boots anyways;)

  7. We had amazing weather this weekend especially Saturday. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

    Maria @ The Good Life

  8. how cute! i sometimes have baby fever... then i see a screaming child misbehaving at target or something and i think "i'll wait." lol