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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Atlantis, ahhh. This place is a dream for any girl growing up in the 90's who was obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley's Holiday in the Sun. Raising my hand right now.

Before booking our cruise we were just going to go to Atlantis for vacation. Then we discovered that we could see three places instead of just one and we decided to go the cruise route instead. Plus, #unlimitedfood.

We were all giddy when pulling up to the dock. You can see Atlantis in the distance and it looks just as grand as you'd imagine. Right as we were docking an announcement came over the intercom saying something along the lines of "due to an influx in crime in the area, please leave all valuables on the ship." So off to Atlantis we went without any valuables, including my camera. Luckily one person in our group brought their point-and-shoot, so we got some pictures.

And here goes the brutally honest review because we all know I'm all about the honesty.


Yup, that's all the island in the sun gets from me. Was it beautiful? YES. Was it fun? YES. Would I ever go back? NO.

Chris and I are active people. We are not your typical lay around and tan couple. Read: we are so pale and we burnnnn. Atlantis has tons of gorgeous pools and the ocean, but only has a six water slides. SIX. We thought we were going to a water park and there were only six slides?! No thanks. 

The slides were fun, and we went on everyone of them, but we honestly did everything there was to do in our one day there. I'm not sure how we would have survived a week there. The grounds are so lush and gorgeous, the casino was nice, you can swim with dolphins, the ocean ripped my bathing suit off, but it just wasn't that great. 

You're definitely paying for the experience to be able to say that you went to Atlantis. 

We are so happy we got to check that stop off our list. It was a fun day, possibly the most fun day of the whole cruise, but it just would not be worth going to more than a couple days, max. After going to Kauai on our honeymoon, I think we set the bar high from the beginning and have yet to find anyplace that compares!

If you have any other questions about Atlantis, feel free to ask! 


  1. We got married at Sandals in the Bahamas. I also felt like I had to go to Atlantis since we were there, but I felt the same way as you did. Eh. I'm not a huge fan, but we had a blast doing everything else in the Bahamas. The zoo was incredible, the shopping was fun, and our resort was beautiful. We plan on going back for our 10 year but will probably skip over going to Atlantis. Glad you were able to at least check it off your list ;)

    1. I think that's what we would do if we went back....explore more of the island and not just stay at Atlantis!

  2. oh good to know, Atlantis is on my list, but good to know you could do it in a day! :)

    1. Definitely! Don't get me wrong, the grounds are GORGEOUS, but doable in a day!

  3. Oh I'm totally glad I saw this and will be passing it along to my husband. Keith's mom is OBSESSED with Atlantis and no joke tries to go once a year because she thinks its the best thing ever. They go for 3 nights only, order kids meals and she like the casino. We are like you and are not sure if its the best place for us but she's has insisted we go.

  4. Replies
    1. Yay! Like I said before, definitely beautiful, but one or two days max would be plenty!

  5. We'll be going for two days in september. I'd agree with you that a day is about right (been there before actually) but I loved the lazy river and was happy to stay on it for 2 hours last time. I loved the aquariums. Those were pretty awesome. estherdavison@gmail.com. Thanks for the great recaps!