Tucker Travels || Key West

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Key West, ahhh. This was our first stop on our cruise and the plans for the day were divided: half of us were going shopping and the other half were going on a jet ski tour around the island. Believe it or not, I'm not that big of a shopper on vacation. I hate buying things you can buy in Dallas, so that eliminates all the chain stores, and I'm not much for trinkets or, as my Dad calls them, dusk collectors.

So, you can bet my fanny was holding on for dear life on the back of a jet ski. Although I did give Chris a run for his money when I took my turn as captain.

We had a full day on the island, so when we got off the boat, we took some pictures then split up. The shoppers started shop, shop, shopin' while the jet skiers went to start their tour.

Y'all, if you're ever in Key West I highly recommend taking a tour around the island! I wish we would have brought a camera, but no one had one they were willing to possibly get wet. It was gorgeous! We got to see parts of the island you can only see from the water. The water is so crystal clear! Our guide brought us to a sandbar and let us get off and swim for a bit. We found a starfish and I found some goggles that I used to swim around the sand bar. I'm pretty sure I saw a large fish or a shark and the tour guide confirmed it could have been a small "harmless" shark. Ha!

When we got back from the tour we met up with the others on Duval Street and headed to the southernmost point in the continental U.S. Duval Street is the main tourist street in Key West. It is full of cute shops and restaurants.

After seeing the southernmost point we decided to make our way back to the ship. It was so hot, and we had a long day, so we strolled back down Duval and boarded the ship.

All in all I don't think Chris or I would ever go back to Key West. As nice as it was, we are all about seeing places we have never been, so Key West is now checked off the list!

Next up on the Tucker Travels Tour: Freeport!


  1. oh, it's a dream of mine to go to Key West! What a beautiful place! Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  2. Loved all your pictures! I've never been to Key West, either, but it's on my bucket list! Thanks for sharing!

  3. All the heart eyes for this! Looks like yall had great weather!

  4. So much fun....my hubby got to spend a week in Key West for work last year (they don't allow spouses to go...for real) and it looked beautiful!

  5. I so wish that I had an underwater digital camera for our trip but it was also nice to just enjoy the things that we did and not worry about if I got a picture of it. The sandbar sounds amazing. I can't wait to read more. YAY for checking places off of your list.