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Friday, July 10, 2015

Wanting: All of THIS. Seriously, how does one choose? These shoes are the best. I can teach in them all day long and not one pain in my foot. I have them this color, but want them in black! Also, my FAVORITE cuff (seen here, here, and here) is on major sale! This jacket is really fun and could find a cozy home in my closet. And for $32, this bucket bag is all sorts of heart eyes. I'm not a cardholder (because whoa, that'd be a pricey addiction), but cardholders can shop the sale now and us addiction-risk people have to hold out until the 17th. #firstworldproblems

Eating: What am I not eating is the easy question. The other day I met sweet Alyssa from Zomato to talk about their app and now my world has been rocked. All I want to do is eat. Zomato is an app (or you can go to their website!) where you can easily find restaurant reviews and/or find places to eat near you. There are tons of cool features on the app that I have been playing around with. Nope, I'm not even getting paid to say this :)

Alyssa and I met up at Modmarket and it was delicious. The food was so fresh and I wanted the decor to hop in the car with me so I could take it home.

Chris and I have also been really craving our beloved Blue Bell. Luckily, there is a restaurant close to us (almost dangerously close) that has homemade ice cream. Imagine the look on my face when I found this out! They even have many of their flavors in bar form. The ice cream Gods really do love us! After our burger and fry date night, we had to cap it off with some ice cream because, you know, our middle names are ice and cream. Nevermind, that'd be weird.

Thinking: How much it would cost to get a pool because I'm willing to sell Chris's truck (my car would just buy us the diving board and it is paid off soooo bye bye truck) and a couple of my organs to have a pool installed. We bought a corner lot for a reason and that reason is to one day install a pool. I'm just wondering when that one day is coming because I'm not-so-patiently waiting.

Chris' ST mow job for the win!
Loving: All the time I'm getting with Wrigs and Bays. They always get so attached to me during the summers and Chris hates that when I call them, they come to me. My mommy heart explodes! Muahhahahaha! Just kidding Chris, they still love you...I just bribe them all day with peanut butter and treats :)

Also, baseball season. Yes, yes, yes!

Looking forward to: So many wedding festivities. Tomorrow I am off to my SIL's bachelorette party. Then next weekend we have my cousin's (soon to be wife's) wedding shower. And the weekend after that is my SIL's shower. So much love in the air! Also this month Chris and I celebrate (not really) our dating anniversary which is always fun to think about! I made him work hard to date me, so it is worth celebrating, hah!

Happy Friday, people!


  1. Oooh what is the restaurant with the homemade ice cream- that sounds amazing! I've been missing Blue Bell and need some great ice cream in my life!!

  2. Yum homemade ice cream is always the best! I"m anxiously waiting for next week's best if we don't have cards...keep telling myself that, haha.

  3. I seriously did not consider myself a blue bell fanatic....until I couldn't buy any!! Soon...hopefully soon. I've been dreaming about a darn pool lately too....we go back and forth on buying a new house or staying put and if we are staying put I really do want a pool.

  4. You are so precious friend. I love getting to keep up with you on your blog when I get around to getting on my computer to read it. I vote YES for the pool. ASAP. hehe

  5. Mmm that ice cream popsicle looks so good! And I totally think you should get a pool !:)