A Little Switcher-roo

Thursday, August 16, 2012

This past weekend (just like every other weekend since owning a house) Chris and I continued to convert our house into a home.

I finished up most of the painting on Saturday and rearranged some furniture; I pulled the ole furniture switcher-roo. After initially wanting to convert this old dresser into a TV cabinet, I later realized I would prefer some sort of entertainment center to cover more of the giant wall the TV is on.

And that is when my mind went into rearranged furniture mode. "If I moved the current TV stand to the wall behind the couch, then I would no longer need to buy a sofa table. We could temporally use the desk that is in "Chris's Library (ha!)" to put the TV on until we get an entertainment center. Perfect!"

I then demanded asked Chris politely if he would help me and he happily agreed. What a good husband (does he know that I will be asking him to move furniture around the rest of our lives!?!).

girl look at that body, I DON'T workoutttt...
So we moved the TV stand/old dresser to the wall behind the couch and it looked so much better than on the wall with the TV! Oh and are you wondering about that oh-so-adorable mirror? It was a HomeGoods find that I failed decided not to mention in the HomeGoods post. Sneaky sneaky!

Chris was soooo skeptical (as usual), but after it was all said and done he finally acknowledged that fact that his wife might have a few decorating skills up her sleeve. Hmph!

And here is the finished product! Well, we are still missing knobs!

These two stinkers were our moral support.

Bailey was sticking her tongue out. I barley caught the end of it. Absolutely adorable. Between these two and my husband, my heart is in the constant liquid state! They are heart melters!

Have you made some furniture switcher-roos lately?!

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