Sarah Has a Green Thumb?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yes, she sorta does. When we moved into our house the builder graciously planted us a ton of flowers in our flower bed. Usually the houses come with shrubbery and weed-like grasses, but for us, they presented a challenge; we had to keep the suckers alive.

I am in no way a gardner, nor did I ever think of myself as having a green-thumb, but I loved the idea of having this beautiful new house along with a beautiful yard. Wife-mode fully engaged. Well, Chris takes care of the yard part, and I, I am in charge of the bloomage going on the the flower bed. Check. It. Out.

When we first moved in there was not a single color in the whole garden. Bam. Four months later and these babies are poppin'. They were looking pretty sad a couple months ago, so I decided to give them a little extra water at night (there is a sprinkler system that waters them as well) and that extra water must have done the trick.

Can I brag for a second on that perfect looking grass? Why, yes I can brag because it is my blog! My husband has been taking some major pride in his yard upkeep. He is dedicated to making the grass look like turf and the edges along the sidewalks and driveway perfectly straight. The boy loves his lawn mower and power tools! Great job, honey!

If you are wondering what the flowers planted in our garden are, I have no idea. They are the cheap ones at the home improvement store. Chris and I potted the other flowers, but I have no idea what those are either! I guess after a good freeze (Ha, who am I kidding. It doesn't freeze in Texas.) we will reevaluate the surviving beauties and be back with a winter version of the flower bed update!

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