Hydrangea Overload

Sunday, August 26, 2012

I might be obsessed with this flower. Who isn't?! They are simply beautiful. So beautiful that I would never let them go to waste. That is why I have this many in my house!

At Jessica's wedding last weekend, as they were cleaning up I asked what they were going to do with all the flowers. They said, "Take them or they are going to be thrown away." So, Chris and I (me willingly, Chris...not so much) walked out of Jessica's wedding with all hands FULL of these beauties. There was NO WAY I was letting them just go to waste.

Now, I get to enjoy a house full of hydrangeas. It is just lovely. Thanks Jess :)


  1. Beautiful and elegant! Love them!


    1. Thank you! They are such a perfect flower!

      I am in AWE of your blog. Just spent the last hour reading as many posts as I could. God is truly amazing, isn't He?! You're children are beautiful and what a blessing it is that you get to be their Mama.