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Thursday, August 23, 2012

He wanted to make the blog?! Yesterday I mentioned to Chris that I was a little down and missing Meme. That, combined with work, was making for a bummer of a day. I was at work for over 12 hours, tired, and stressed, but when I arrived home this is what was on the counter:

The roses are those multi-colored ones.They are beautiful! The magazine has tons of adorable ideas to host a Halloween party. And, the Burt's Bees Foot Lotion was so Chris could be a doting husband and massage his wife's feet. He also wrote me a sweet note!

As I am admiring my gifts Chris says, "Honey, am I going to make the blog?! I knew that if I did this I'd make the blog!" WHAT?!!? My husband is now doing sweet things in order to make the blog?! What a little turd hunk of a husband.

After he expressed his desires to "make the blog" I told him that he should do things out of the kindness of his heart...not to be mentioned on my blog. Someone is getting a little greedy!

We giggled about it and he said his initial thought was to do something sweet, then he realized he could make the blog so he vamped it up. What a punk :) And since he bought foot lotion, he had to use it. When the time came for my pampering, he tried to bail!

Long-story short: men, don't buy your significant other foot lotion and then try to bail. The woman will get what she wants!

Have you been pampered lately?! Have you bought those cool roses?!

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