Babe's and Top Golf

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It doesn't get much better than that!

Last night Chris and I went to Babe's and Top Golf for our neighbor/friend's birthday. We had never been to Top Golf before and it was so. much. fun. Here is the birthday boy, Grant, at Babe's. He is a shy one!

Grant and Amber are our next door neighbors. We are both newly married and have a lot in common. The boys will go outside and throw the baseball, while Amber and I will just talk about girl stuff. It is great having them next door!

Babe's, of course, never disappoints. We left there feeling skinny with our belts undone and a smile on our faces. We had to fuel up for golf, right?!

We left Babe's and headed to Top Golf. I knew what Top Golf was, and the concept of it, but it was wayyy better than I expected. I might, or might not, be a little sore today. Okay, I am definitely sore today, but my whopping score of 39 was well worth it. My husband did great, as usual. His photography skills on-the-other-hand...not so good. Could he have got me at a more awkward angle. Thanks honey!

We really enjoyed hanging out with Grant and Amber and all their friends! Happy Birthday, Grant!

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