Big Plans to be Frame-ous?

Friday, August 3, 2012

Do you ever see an idea and want to duplicate it sooo bad that you wish you had all the time in the world to drop your forty hour a week job and just go decorate your new house?! I do! Ever since we bought our house in April I have been so anxious to get it decorated. SO anxious. People are constantly telling me that it will take years to turn your house into a home, but me…I’m up for the challenge! And in all honesty, I am ready to be living in a finished home instead of an almost finish house. Chris would agree.
In order to tackle multiple projects this weekend while my hubby is away at his best friend’s bachelor party, I needed to start prepping last night. You can’t wait until he leaves town because then you don’t have enough time to go buy all the stuff and decorate and be finished by the time he arrives back home. How do you prep for a decorating weekend without your husband at home, you ask? You go to IKEA of course!
In honor of prepping for a weekend of decorating, yesterday my friend Jessica and I took a little trip to IKEA. I mentioned in this post that I want to do a “frame” wall on a huge blank wall in our entryway. And, because IKEA has wonderful, cheap frames, we loaded up and were off for an evening of shopping!
This is what I came back with. I bought tons of frames, and a few other things that, after assembled, I will show y’all next week!

We made a quick stop at Hobby Lobby after IKEA. We were slightly rushed because they were about to close, but we managed to scoop up a couple things before leaving!

The plan for this weekend is to:
·         Finish painting the walls (blah!)
·         Hang the frame project (yippee!)
·         Go to Canton in search of something wonderful for our mantle (fingers crossed!)
·         If I find a treasure at canton, hang it over the mantle so that I can brag to Chris that I can do things with power tools :) (the engineer in him will thoroughly inspect my work)
·         And if time permits, I would love to DIY a headboard for the master bedroom. I want one similar to this.

Wedding Tree Guest Book
The Big Blank Wall
On the BBW (Big. Blank. Wall.) I not only plan on hanging framed momentos, but also things like: our wedding tree guestbook (that I DIY'd; it will be in another post), Hobby Lobby finds, a couple wedding gifts, and any other knick-knack that I find! 

Tagging along for the weekend are two of my best friends, Amanda and Desirae. We are going to have a girl’s weekend full of fun, laughter, and “help Sarah decorate her house” projects!
What are your plans for the weekend?! Are you planning a DIY project?! Painting?! Planning on surprising your spouse with decorations hung and a new mantle piece?!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Sarah, Kohl's has really cool frames too, they go on 1/2 price a lot.
    I am waiting on my hubby to go to China so I can repaint the livingroom. I definatly know how you feel.. it is a race..before they get back.
    Good Luck!

    1. I'll look into that. Thanks for the tip!

      I do feel like it is a race! Hahah! The clock is ticking!

      Have a great day!

  2. LOVE the framed wall! I clipped it to Evernote so I can figure out how to make it happen later on :) Hope all the projects are going well!

  3. I finally finished it yesterday. Maybe that will be a girl's weekend project :)