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Monday, August 6, 2012

Oh the weekend. How was yours?!
Mine was great! In this post I mentioned my plans for this weekend. Here is what actually got done:
·         Partially painted the dining room and kitchen
·         Partially hung my frame wall
·         Successful trip to Canton (in another post)
·         No luck/time for the headboard creation
Friday after work I spent the entire evening painting. Chris left to go to a bachelor party, so I had no distractions. Let’s just say I enjoy painting, but am not leaving my day job to become a painter. I enjoy blaring music and just letting my mind rest. All I need to think about is keeping paint on my roller and not falling off of the ladder.
Taping…it’s the taping that is a killer! You spend all this time taping and then paint seeps through, so what was the point of painting! I tried to be very careful and apply the tape perfectly and precisely. I have yet to peel the tape off, so I’ll let you know how that turns out.

I did use the handy tip of wrapping my roller in foil instead of having to clean it. Genius! I wrapped it Friday night and used the same roller Saturday morning! I also let the paint dry in my tray...lazy, you say?! Why, I don't call it lazy...I call it smart and not wasting time!
Saturday I woke up and got back to painting. My main goal was to finish the wall where I wanted to do my frame project. I was supposed to do two coats of paint on all the walls (per Chris's request), but I got anxious to hang things…so that wall only got one coat. Oops! Chris will never know J Unless he reads this blog…
Two of my best friends, Amanda and Desirae, came over Saturday night and we got to hangin’. Three girls, a miniature hammer, some nails, a level, and a long string got the job done! Okay, almost done.

First, we laid out the frames on the floor in order to figure out placement. We measured a space on the floor equivalent to the wall. Once we had the frames where we wanted them, we got a long piece of string, a level, and some tape. We pulled the string tight, leveled it, and then taped it on the wall. It took about three tries, but we finally got it taped down and level.

We then started hanging the top row of frames. There was a lot of laughter and deliriousness happening because it was about 11:00p.m. We were beat! We managed to get the top row hung, perfectly. Well perfectly in my eyes.

We then started the bottom row. We hung the string exactly how we did the top row. We got to the last picture and realized it had no way of being hung so we quit and went to bed. Most other frames had to be wired by us. See the picture above. That is Amanda's wire work. I think she has a future in framing.

Most of the brown frames are from IKEA. They are great becasue if they fall off the wall and break, I don't feel bad!
All-in-all Saturday was a complete success! Painted, hung and ate BBQ with my neighbor, Amber!
How was your Saturday?! Fun Projects?!      

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