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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Last week Chris and I stopped by HomeGoods to look for...well nothing in particular. When I first walked in I laid eyes on these cuties:

Oh how I wish I had a place for them in my house. Maybe one day!

As I strolled along I stumbled upon this guy, which I thought would one day look great in the corner of our master bedroom. The old, navy blue velvet recliner in the corner now sure does pose stiff competition, but I'm sad to break the news to Chris that one day that Bad Boy is no longer going to have a home in our house. Although comfy, sometimes you have to make sacrifices for beauty. Navy blue velvet chair, you will one day be the sacrifice.

After exiting the wondrous furniture section of HomeGoods I wondered over to the sale rack where this shiny little thing caught my eye.

I thought it would look cute in our bathroom, but, weirdly enough, I was not in a buying mood, so I passed on it.

Now onto my favorite section of HomeGoods. One, because it is more affordable than a $299 chair and two, because just look at the vibrant colors!

We did buy something in this picture. Two of the exact same things actually, but it is going to be a surprise on what we convert the ceramic masterpieces into! Well, to be completely honest, our friend Tim is converting them into something top secret. We will reveal the big conversion once Tim is finished!

Isn't the white dog adorable?! And the orange vase is so pretty!

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