Peggy Jean Isenberg: 6.6.1928 - 8.6.2012

Monday, August 6, 2012

Peggy Jean Kaplan Isenberg
March 6, 1928 – August 6, 2012
The greatest women in the world.
This post is tough. That is the only way to describe it. I knew it the moment my Dad called at 6:18 this morning, this was it. The moment I had feared for a long time, the moment when you get “the call.”
Chris usually leaves work around 5:45 every morning, but as I was answering the phone this morning, he walked in. My Dad had told him the news on his way to work and said that he probably wanted to be home when I got the call. Chris graciously turned around and came home to console me.
A couple weeks ago when I got the initial call that “It wouldn’t be long,” I was broken. I sobbed and sobbed in Chris’s arms and listened to my big, burly, tough Dad sob on the phone. It was tough. That is what jerks the heart strings the most.
Then I made a trip down to Austin to see Meme. She was beautiful and sassy, just the way she always was. No wires, no ICU or hospital, no beeping or ambulances. She was happy where she was. That time that we got to spend with her was precious and I soaked it up all that I could. And I sure am glad that I did.

Her favorite was Ladyfinger Cake
My brother, Sam, was asked to preach Sunday’s sermon at my church back home. Being 17, he had never led an entire sermon on his own, but he was up for the challenge. Word on the street is, “he nailed it.”

In attendance last Sunday was a very important person, actually two. My Dad and Grandpa, both Jewish, went to church to support my brother. Neither had been to church in years. They would usually attend for our Christmas performances, etc., but never for just a regular sermon. This past Sunday my brother preached on growing up as a Christian teenager. He talked about his everyday life and, most importantly, his family.

My Uncle Randy, Aunt Susan, and my Dad.
Meme was a topic and he asked the congregation to say a prayer for her because, “She would be going to be with the good Lord anytime now.”

It was like God knew. He knew that He was going to take her just hours later. He knew that He gave my brother the power to preach and to say such powerful, yet peaceful words. He knew.
When I got the call this morning and heard my Dad breaking, I was strong. Me? Strong? I am the crier, yet God gave me the strength to console my Dad. It was that lump-in-your-throat-can’t-swallow feeling. I told him that it was okay to be sad and okay to cry and okay to not always be the strong one. We talked about Sam’s sermon and how God knew He was about to take her. He just had one thing left in store. We talked about getting to spend time with her a couple weeks ago. We talked about how God slowly let her go and allowed us to cope along the way.
I feel like the tough part was a couple weeks ago. It was rough. Not the news anyone ever wants to hear, but today….today I feel calm and at peace. Yes I am sad and broken, but I know that she is with me just as she always was when I was upset or sad. God let her go with my Granddad by her side. He was there holding her hand.
My aunt said they got my Granddad into her room around two in the morning and he didn’t leave her side until four, when she passed away. After 68 years of being together and 64 married, I can’t imagine the heartbreak. Can’t imagine it. Yet, my aunt said something about him was calm. He got teary eyed and let her go knowing one day they would be reunited, forever.   

Yes, I am bawling my eyes out writing this, but something about writing is therapeutic. I have to get it out.
It is absolutely crazy how God works. All I ever wanted as I grew older was Meme’s wedding ring and for her to be able to attend my wedding. I got both, plus more. Blessed. 

So many people loved my Meme and always will. Like my aunt said earlier, “she had a best friend everywhere she went.” From her big straw hats with flowers on them, to her New Balance shoes in every color, she was a woman of style and grace. She was my Meme.
Me in my Meme's hat
Being the first loss that I have ever experienced I feel blessed and honored to have the family I have supporting one another.

Meme may not be physically here, but her blue eyes and skinny ankles will always be with me J
I love you Meme. You will be missed.

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