West Nile Got Me!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sorry for being absent in the blogging world, but...I got tha nile...the West Nile. Yup, after living in mosquito infested Texas for (almost) my entire life, I caught the virus. Lovely.

Wednesday, mid afternoon, I started having pain in my eye cavity (not sure if that describes the area correctly) and it quickly moved into a severe headache. Severe. Weird because I haven't been sick in about three years.

I left work early and went home to work. I got my computer out and realized that something was not right. I told Chris I was not feeling well and I just wanted to get dinner and go to sleep. We were supposed to go to the Ranger game, but I was definitely not feeling up for that.

I woke up around 1:30a.m. to a suddle piercing headache. Knowing something was up, I took my temperature. 103...hmmmm I knew that wasn't good. I woke Chris up and he got me some Ibuprofen and a cool rag for my head. I literally laid awake all. night. long. Not kidding. I couldn't even pull all nighters in college, but add a headache and some West Nile in the mix and you have yourself one miserable all nighter.

I laid in bed and googled all the possible things it could be. Of course I thought it could be West Nile, but I figured the flu or a cold (even though I had no respiratory issues, so probably not the flu or a cold). Nope, 'the nile' it was.

Let's just say this is not the Labor Day I was hoping for. Although I would have been working anyways, it is sad to say that I'd rather be doing tax returns then be the victim of some little mosquito.

I am much better (and thanks to all who were praying!). Tomorrow I will go back to work and see how I hold up. Continued prayers are welcome!

PS: I was wearing bug spray when I got bit...for all those who were going to advise me to wear bug spray from now on. Oh, and yes, it did have Deet in it. Those were some determined mosquitoes!

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