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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jason, Uncle Randy, Dad, and my brother, Sam
These four guys are the ones who have been there for me no matter what. From teaching me how to play softball, picking on me, dunking me countless times in the pool, cracking real eggs on my name it, they have experienced it with me. Chris had some tough critics, which he obviously impressed!

Jason, on the left, is like my big brother. His Dad, Randy, and my Dad grew up together in Austin. Apparently they couldn't live without one another because when we moved from California to Texas (in 1994), we moved in right next door to my Uncle Randy and Aunt Darless. Sam was a month old and I was almost five.

Now, don't Uncle Randy and my Dad look like twins?! Bald, skinny (haha!), same facial hair, and glasses. Can you believe they are not even blood related?!?! Scary, right!? Everywhere, and I mean everywhere we go, these two are assumed to be twins. I guess being best friends for over 50 years can cause you to look alike!

These four men, plus Chris, mean the world to me. Although Jason and Uncle Randy (along with the rest of their family) are not my blood relatives, they are my family. And by the looks of my Dad and Uncle Randy, I am not fully convinced we aren't blood related!

Sam is the best little brother a girl could ask for. He is so intelligent, polite, well spoken, and would defend me to the death. It is weird that he now protects me, when all our lives I have protected him. You're the best, little bro.

All I can say is that I am truly blessed to have these four men, and now Chris, in my life forever. I wasn't only blessed with the World's Greatest Dad and Brother, but an entire other family that loves me just as if I were their own.

Aunt D and Uncle R got everyone snuggies for Christmas!

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