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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wrigley's bone! We give Wrigley and Bailey bones to keep them occupied during the day; it works like a charm terribly. 

This is what Wrigley does with his:

Once he hides his, he goes and finds Bailey's and chews on hers. If he thinks in any way that you know where his bone is, he gets weird...you know what I mean?! That "Mom, how can you always find my super-obviously-hidden bone??" look. This same morning I went back inside and started looking for the other bone. Wrigley was mysteriously hiding out by the blanket basket. Why, you ask? Because he hid Bailey's bone is the basket and he didn't want me to find it and give it to her! That boy has no manners!

Bailey isn't much of a bone-dog, so she really doesn't care. I think she secretly finds it funny how Wrigley puts soooo much effort into hiding their bones and she never even searches for them. Oh to have the big sister attitude.

We have found bones in the crevices of our couches and chairs, behind TV cabinets, under pillows...one day I feel like we will uncover all the bones we have ever given Wrigley. Whatever makes a pup happy!

Do you puppies hid their bones in silly places?!

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