Pillow Fight

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It has been a constant fight to find throw pillows that don't blow the budget. Seriously, why is a pillow that you are NEVER going to use (or maybe you do!) have to be so expensive?! We had one pillow on our couch and it had a price tag on it of $39.99...Chris almost died! After I explained to him that mom Mom gave it to us, and she paid a couple bucks for it at a garage sale, he calmed down.

But seriously? Forty bucks for a throw pillow. I don't sew (I'd love to learn!), so there is no way I am making my own pillows.

Finally, I stumbled across some for $9.99....andddd guess what???? They weren't ugly! Woo hoo! I found them at Anna's Linens in McKinney. Usually the ones on sale for $10 or less are plain and boring, but these were actually cute! Four of them happened to hop into my arms and come home with me :)

Lucky for me, Ross was right next door, so I popped in there and found another cute pillow for $11. It must have been my lucky day!

I never knew pillows would give me such joy until I owned a home. Ahhh...it instantly makes it feel homier :)

See the pillows on the ends? How they have the 'V'? That is what needs to be happening with all the other pillows, but they are cheap stuffed with cotton, instead of feathers or a "down" stuffing, so they will never have to proper 'V' shape. Boo! Maybe Cassie {Hi Sugarplum} will come over and teach me how she made all of her pillows have that perfect 'V' or as she calls it "a perfectly chopped pillow"...and how to make no-sew pillows!

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