Wedding First Look - Daddy/Daughter

Friday, September 14, 2012

Much of our wedding was not necessarily traditional (a four minute long ceremony, whaaaa?!), but Chris and I decided we were going the traditional route and not going to have a "first look." No it wasn't because we think it is bad luck, or will jinx our marriage. It was more because I wanted to make sure Chris was going to cry when he first saw me! Yup, I'm selfish :) Personally, I just don't think the reactions are the same if you see each other before. Just my opinion. And I couldn't have been more right. Seeing my husband cry melted my heart. Gosh I love that man.

Since Chris and I were not having a first look, my Dad and I had one! Can someone say Daddy's little girl?! Yup, that's me! You can see some of it on video here or here, or you can look at these pictures that make me tear up every time!

"I don't know why they say grown men don't cry" - Tim McGraw

Is he not precious?!

The good ol' laugh-cry!

This is my favorite picture of us.
Now, I not only have my Dad, but Chris's Dad as well. I am so blessed.

Daddy, I will always be your little girl.

Love, Sarah

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  1. Yes, I cried watching and editing all of this. It was truly beautiful seeing the love in this one little room! Because I knOw both of y'all, it was very special. Makes me miss my dad :( but blessed to know your's. He reminds me of my dad very much. Thanks for sharing :)