Landscape Recognition, Whaaaa??

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chris takes pride in his our yard. That boy will eagerly mow the lawn any day of the week. Maybe because we grew up playing baseball and softball, but Chris has an obsession with mowing our yard in some sort of pattern. Well, let me tell has not gone unnoticed!

Last week we received a letter in the mail from our HOA Landscape Committee thanking us for taking such pride in our yard. Woo hoo! Chris was completely bummed because he thought we got Yard of the Month (yes, we are lame because we get excited about potentially winning Yard of the Month), but it is nice to know that our hard work and green thumb mad watering skills are paying off.

In our flower beds we had been getting pesky Bermuda grass. It was creepin' in on my beautiful, dark mulch. When they built our house they left a bunch of extra bricks in our garage (in case we needed a replacement brick?), so Chris asked me if he could use the bricks to for a border around the flower beds to keep the grass out. Genius. I didn't want the bricks to be seen from the road, because eventually we would like get some rock laid to frame the flower beds, so my Mr. dug out the grass and laid the bricks so they wouldn't be seen.

He is so handy :)


  1. I'm always so jealous of people with a talent for gardening..i definitely don't have it!

  2. so beautiful- the colors are to die for

    1. Thanks, Dania! The colors make coming home such a sweet surprise!