I'm not a juicer, not at all.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Friday nights from here on out (or at least until the end of the school year!) will be full of a whole lot of snoozing. You can count on me being in bed by 8:00pm every Friday for the whole school year. As a teacher, your exhaustion builds day by day and by Friday you can hardly keep your eyes open. Mentally, you are drained. It's a good thing because I love my job and my cherubs, but that doesn't take away from the fact that I am pooped by Friday night.

Saturday Chris and I woke up early (because we went to bed so early) and headed to the Chestnut Square Farmer's Market. I had been wanting to go for weeks now, but would either forget about it, or we would be busy. I love fresh fruits and veggies, so I was happy to be able to stock up.

While we were there we came across a vendor selling fresh pressed juices. I know juicing is all the rage right now, but I have always said I'd rather eat my vegetables on my plate rather than in a drink. Andddd after trying over a half dozen of their fresh pressed juices, I can firmly stand behind that statement 100%. Disgusting. You name a combo, we tried it, and they were all gross. I mean I literally had to choke the samples down and some I just had to throw away. I was determined to like one combination they sold, but nope, nada, nothing. All I tasted was dirt and grass, and Chris agreed.

From the juices we moseyed on over to a baked goods vendor and managed to purchase two loaves of pumpkin bread. That's more our style. It was delicious! Make a fresh pressed juice taste like pumpkin bread and you'd sell me on it!

After we made our round and gathered our fresh produce we headed back home for a pretty lazy afternoon. I met up with Caitlin at Starbucks to talk about The Lovely Lookbook, but other than that we just relaxed.

Later Saturday night my best friend Alisa and Chris's best friend Jake came over to watch football and hangout. Alisa didn't intend on staying the night, but we both fell asleep on the couch and I didn't want to wake her up when I finally moved into the bedroom.

Sunday I woke up early and headed to the grocery store. Chris wanted to cook for everyone, so when I got back we made cinnamon rolls, eggs, bacon, and hash browns for Jake and Alisa. Back to the couch Alisa and I went after breakfast and that is where we remained until mid afternoon.

She left to head back into Dallas while I did some laundry, worked on some things for school, cleaned up a little, and relaxed.

It was just the weekend I needed after a long week at school trying to still get into the swing of things!

Happy Monday!

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  1. I'm with you!! I don't think my stomach would be satisfied unless I actually ate something. I even have to eat bread with soup. haha! Smoothies are nice but I like chewing my fruit too. lol

  2. I totally agree about early to bed on Fridays. That's exactly what we did on Friday night too. It helped that it was storming pretty bad, which mad us even more tired so we gave in to it.

  3. I love walking through our Farmer's Markets too! What a fun little weekend where nothing too much is planned. :) And that puppy nose....I love it so!

  4. I have been wondering for some time about the actual taste of all these "SO yummy" juicing diets...and so I love hearing your honest opinion because I'd probably completely agree!

  5. I'm with you on the juicing. I love green smoothies and make them all the time, but I'm not into the juicing thing. I can get on board with pumpkin bread!

  6. That farmers market looks awesome! I feel ya - we got to bed early too!