DIY Wooden Wall Art for $9

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We have slowly been pulling our master bedroom together and I am still trying to figure out the direction I want to go with it. Somewhere between rustic and modern and I feel like we are on our way. You can see our initial reveal here and our refinished side tables here.

One thing we have been lacking is something to hang over our bed. Until now, I hadn't found the piece that screamed "me me me!"

We have had some scrap wood in our garage for a couple weeks and I had envisioned exactly what Chris built me. Something rustic, but not barn-like. Something feminine, but manly all at the same time. Chris brought my vision to life...and that's why I married him!

I started by laying out the boards how I wanted them. I didn't want it to look too modern so by keeping the boards different lengths it allowed for less of a geometric look.

Once laid out, Chris went to cutting smaller boards to secure the back and nail all the boards together. Once the boards we secured all together, we got a chain and 'distressed' the wood. After the distressing, we got to staining.

He made a square frame for the back and we then added two screws and some picture wire in order to make it easy to hang on the wall.

I found these milk bottles at WalMart for $3 a piece in the clearance section.

Each one of the glass bottles hangs on a nail that is sunk about a half inch into the wood. Since this is hanging over our bed, I wanted to make sure they wouldn't fall off!

Luckily the stud was directly in the center of our headboard, so Chris screwed in a screw and we no longer have a blank wall above our bed! I will add that the other night Chris got up in the middle of the night paranoid that it was going to fall on our head. I hung it back up last weekend and he hasn't mentioned anything sense. I am going to blame his paranoia on a bad dream.


Since the wood was free and we already had the stain, the only things we had to buy were the milk bottles, totaling $9. I am looking for some plants, possibly old cotton plants, to put in each bottle. I will just have to try some things out and see what works!

Next up for our bedroom update: new bedside lamps! I am so over our modern ones we have now. I actually hate them, so my Mom has offered to get us new lamps for Christmas (but she is coming next week so I am getting them a little early!). I can't for y'all to see what I have in mind!

So what do you think? I am in love with it!!
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  1. Such a pretty piece for above your bed! And you can't beat $9!

  2. Everytime I come to your blog I get so inspired :)
    XO Ellen from Ask Away Advice & Fashion Blog

  3. Well that is really stinkin adorable! I love it!

    Ironically, I was going to say I love your lamps, ha! But then again my heart always goes pitter patter for white and gray. Can't wait to see your new ones!

  4. Sarah!!! This turned out so adorable!! What a great vision you had!! I wish I could think of these kind of DIY projects. You have some serious talent, my friend and Chris too! :)

  5. well this is just... wow. your bedroom looks like it's out of a catalog. i am beyond impressed!

  6. This is perfect, you room is coming together so nicely! I love it!


  7. This turned out beautifully!!! I love it above the bed and cannot believe it was a total of $9! Now that's Pinterest worthy ;)

  8. I love it!!! My husband have done a few homemade wood wall pieces with the same feel as yours! I adore this!!! Looks like the hubs is gonna have new item on his to do list ;-)
    But really, I love the design style of your bedroom. You are doing a fabulous job!! Good eye!

  9. love! You guys are so creative.

    1. and I should add that the space above our bed is blank and I have no idea what I want to put there! Decisions, decisions!

  10. This turned out awesome! I think this is a DIY I could totally tackle!

  11. So cute! It's goes perfectly in your bedroom. Awesome that you had the wood already at home!

  12. OMG, this is soo cute!!! I love this. I love your blog and all your DIY tricks, makes me feel like I can do it!!! But, I'm also very lazy and scared to do this type of stuff, so I just watch and admire. lol. ;)

  13. What is the gray called? I love it!