5 Reason I Don't Shop Online

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I should have titled this "5 Reasons I Don't Buy Clothes Online." It might surprise most of you, but I can count on one hand the items of clothes I have bought online. Here are five reasons I choose to only shop in the store.

1. You are more aware of what you are buying when you physically have the clothes in your hand. There are times that friends have said/posted about something showing up at their door that they totally forgot they ordered. Point proven. If you forgot about it, you probably didn't need it.

2. I am impatient. I don't want to wait for it to get to my house. I also don't want to have to worry about returning it. If I shop in the store I can try it on there and not waste my time going back into the store...and we all know that you walk into a store to return something and come out with more than you intended.

3. It can be addicting. The feeling of seeing a box on your doorstep is a feeling we all love. Even if you know exactly what is in that box, it still feels like Christmas. I don't want to toy with that happy feeling for the fear that it could get out of control. Plus, what fun is Christmas if you are getting boxes all year long?

4. It's a waste of time, personally. I already hate being on the computer (weird because I blog, but it is the main reason I left accounting), but scouring the internet for something to buy is not appealing to me. I can walk in a store, make a few rounds, and in ten minutes be able to decide if I want to buy or try anything on. To me, the clothes shopping on the internet is like searching for a needle in a haystack. You find something, look at it from every angle, Google to see if it is cheaper somewhere else, then look at other similar stores to see if you like something more, and finally, after 30 minutes searching for the perfect black cardigan, you purchase the one you found in the first place.

5. Shopping at the store gets me out of the house. Even if I don't buy anything, I usually go shopping with a friend which means we are getting to catch up and spend time together. Once I'm out of the house I am more likely to run the errands I have been procrastinating. And, it never hurts for me to get off the couch and make some laps around the mall.

So there ya have it. My five reasons why I choose to not shop online. I know in the blogging world tons of bloggers make money off their online sales which I am a complete proponent of. I link up items when I feel like it, and I do make a small commission off of the purchases, but BELIEVE ME, I am never going to shout from the rooftops that you need to buy what I'm wearing. I don't shop online, so I don't expect my readers to.

What do you think? Why do you or don't you shop online?

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  1. haha love all of your points, but unfortunately, I'm the opposite! lol! I do most of my shopping online. It seems like any time I make it out to the store they already sold out of my size and I get mad. I don't buy too much jewelry online tho because it's hard to tell how big it is or how it will look.

  2. I really need to give up shopping online. I don't actually like it (for many of the reasons you stated) but once I had two little kids I started shopping online because its just so much easier then the complete chaos of taking them with me all the time. I'm a total freak ..after my husband getting nearly all his financial/identity stolen when we bought our current house I became a huge believer of everyone needs to stop using credit cards. period. We use a prepaid gift card to order anything online so that we don't have anything at risk other than just flat losing the cash thats on it. All I'm trying to say in my very long winded way is that is another BIG reason we all need to stop shopping online too. Maybe this will be a new goal for me. Thanks for the inspiration to correct my bad habit!

  3. Totally get your point, unfortunately, I do it all the time. I like the convenience of it and sometimes I hate fighting the crowds at the mall. However, I do find myself buying things in he stores I would never buy online because sometimes pictures just don't do it justice!

  4. As much as I love going to the mall and strolling the stores, life with a full-time job, 2 kids and a husband who works late hours doesn't usually give me that freedom. Granted I usually have something in my car that needs returning, if it weren't for online shopping I'd still be wearing my cardis from college. (and that was a loooong time ago) ;)

  5. I wish I'm as strong as you..... I shop online... A lot. :(

  6. I am with you!! I have done too much online shopping lately--and then the stuff doesn't fit how I like or it wasn't what i expected and most of the time I never return it because it cost return money or is a pain! And then what a waste!! So I have been trying to only shop in store--its more practical and saves me money in the long run :)


  7. It must be the name Sarah, cause I shop online a lot too. Mostly cause it's easier for me to see stuff online. I only shop at stores that I can return to the store, and I rarely ever buy stuff when I'm in the store returning...I usually walk in, return and walk out. Whenever my parents come to my house, they say, if there isn't a package by the door, they would be shocked and wonder if they were at the right house...oops!

  8. I'm the same way. I feel like online shopping is terribly inconvenient. I like to physically see what I buy before I buy it. And for clothes - it's very rare I can ever find clothes that fit me just by shopping in the store - I can't imagine how difficult it would be online.

  9. I just recently started buying online and I love it. It mostly all started with ebay and i'm addicted!

  10. I go back and forth but totally agree with all of your reasons! Although if there is free shipping and free returns (a la Nordys) I am sold! Sometimes I do try things on in the store and then order them at home so I can use my ebates!

  11. okay you stole the words from my mouth, yes to every single one of these! I truly don't like shopping online for clothes one single bit...and hey shopping in stores gives you a teensy bit of exercise, right? haha

  12. I buy most my clothes online. It is too hard with a four year old and that fear of him opening that dressing room door when I am in the middle of an outfit change. Haha. But.......I haven't purchased clothes for myself in months.

  13. I occasionally buy clothes online and I've had mixed results. I like to try things on and feel the fabric. And I LOVE to shop.

  14. I do have to say I agree about the addicting part. #lessonslearned. But I do find that alot of what I like online, they don't have in the stores close by to me : / I buy about 95% of my clothing online, and while I do return things here or there, it feels easier to me...but then again, I miss out on the fun of going into the store and the fun of being out shopping ;)

  15. I really never buy clothes online--you can't scour the clearance racks that way, and you're never sure how things will fit, or really look or feel for that matter. I finally broke down and bought boots online last winter because I couldn't find what I wanted in person--and praises they fit! I recently got to order a dress online in exchange for a blog review and was of course nervous about the fit... aaand it didn't fit. Soo disappointing. :/ See, this is why we don't buy online! ;)