DIY Blanket Ladder

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This Labor Day weekend was truly a weekend of labor. I finally made asked my sweet husband if he would make some of my Pinterest dreams come to life. After me telling him these projects would involve power tools, he was in.

First up, this blanket ladder. I've been on the hunt for one for months. There is an antique store in downtown McKinney that I've been stalking. They have tons of old ladders I've envisioned hanging blankets on, but none that I envisioned paying $70+ dollars for! Seriously, I went in one day, asked how much an unmarked ladder was. They said $60. I politely put it back in it's place and moved on. I went back weeks later and the same ladder was still there and the price was $79! Aren't you supposed to discount things as they don't sell?

Anyways, I knew the exact place I wanted a ladder like this and my sweet man made my vision come to life. He followed these plans and it turned out perfect!

Have you made a blanket ladder before? This one cost just under $20!

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  1. And I'm totally going to make one of these! I'm always looking for something to put all of our blankets on!

  2. I wish my husband had your husband's enthusiasm to assemble my projects together. Every time I ask him he'll gladly do it but will curse up a storm the entire time lol men. But super cute AND I love your sign above it too.

  3. So cute!! Great job Sarah! I'm totally going to ask Josh to help me make one. I would love to keep our dogs away from the throws we have, and this would work. And ps, totally understand the McKinney situation. They always do things like that and it makes me so upset. But when I do finally find a good deal, I take it!

  4. We have one like this too! It's so convenient and looks great too!

  5. I LOVE THIS! You've just inspired me to do my own blanket ladder from an old wooden ladder that my grandpa gave me before he died. Thank you! Loved this post!

  6. this is so nice and what a savings from the store one vs a HOME MADE one. the best! so lucky your husband is so handy! i'm the handy one in the family :D

  7. this is so awesome!!! I need to make this, i love this.

  8. What a great idea! I love the way it turned out. Gotta love handy husbands!

  9. Lucky girl, I mention power tools to my husband, and he just totally ignores me. I think I know what store you are talking about, sadly. I might have to give this a try myself, since I've been looking for one in a while.

  10. I had actually never heard of a blanket ladder until my friend made one and posted it on IG last month! Must be a southern thing! :)

  11. This turned out beautifully! Great job Chris!!! But I do give half the credit to the great idea...that's half the project anyway right? ;)

  12. LOVE this! I've been wanting to make one for our living room for a while now. I guess I'll be putting my husband to work this weekend :)