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Thursday, September 11, 2014

1. I am serious about... Chris and I enjoy eating. We love eating really good, mostly unhealthy, food. When we go on trips, the first thing we do is plan where we are going to eat. We are really, really serious about what is touching our taste buds. 

2. I am most relaxed when...

...I am on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, in my pajamas, with Chris close, but not touching me. I am relaxed when he is touching me, but I'm not the most relaxed. I usually get too hot, or we may be laying in an uncomfortable position, so don't think I don't love my husband...I'm just most relaxed when I get my own blanket and my own space :) Hint: See the above picture...I'm the family pillow.

3. There's no place like...

...home...that's what I'm supposed to say, right? Yes, everyone loves home, but I'd have to say there is no place like Kauai. I remember hiking the Napali coastline and thinking how great this world is that God made. It was breathtaking.

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  1. Ahh why is unhealthy food always the best!? Why can broccoli taste like chocolate? :) It is one of the great mysteries of my life booo!


  2. We love food so much. I feel like we are always talking about our next meal. And definitely scoping out restaurants for trips!

  3. We are the same when when going on vacation. We ALWAYS look at what restaurants are near what hotels.... even looking up good halfway places to stop bc of a certain diner, etc! :)

  4. Yes! Definitely food...and always the most unhealthy thing possible! lol!