Major Mom Mistakes

Monday, July 17, 2017

This post is for the moms out there who think they're alone when it comes to testing the resilience of their children. I now know why first born children are the tough ones! I wanted to share some parenting fails I've had with Graham that have made me learn for when baby number two comes along (not pregnant!).

1. I've never said this before online, but when G was 9 months old he rolled off the bed. He wasn't fully crawling yet, but he managed to scoot to the side of the bed and reach down and, well, flop! I had literally stepped 5 feet away to start his bath. I freaked out because I was home alone, but he was totally fine. I'm pretty sure he only started crying because I was freaking the freak out. I called our precious neighbors and they rushed over to check G out and make sure he was okay because I needed to collect myself. Whew!

2. Caught G with giant scissors I'd left on our window seat. Oops.

3. The other day I unbuckled Graham from his carseat while I was unloading groceries into the house. I didn't fully unbuckle him; the straps were still around his arms. I took a load inside and came out to hear crying. I ran to the car and G had got out of his carseat and was awkwardly stuck (not bad!!) in the seat beside him. Of course terrible thoughts ran through my head about what if he would have chose the other side...he could have fallen out of the car because that door was open! Ugh! #momguilt

4. Chris let G touch a lightbulb and he ended up grabbing it and ripping (literally) it out of the socket. Thank God it broke off right by the metal piece and we were able to get it from G before he hurt himself.

5. Graham was crawling on the couch over to my brother. I though he'd be fine, but before I knew it my cat-like reflexes set in and I was holding him upside-down by the ankle because he had suicide dove off the couch and I had barley caught him!!

Please share some mom mistakes you've made so I can ensure my child isn't the only stunt man!


  1. We went away this past weekend and totally forgot G's luggage. We had food for him and that's it! #momfail

  2. When H was pretty small I had drove over to a park about 10 minutes from our house. I pushed him around in his stroller (the kind with the click-in infant carseat on top) but he started to fuss so I unclipped his belt to let him wriggle and breathe a little. When we got home and I went to get him out of his carseat and realized I had never re-attached that chest clip. I SOBBED to a few girlfriends and they all told me they had been there. I never did it again but holy moly, that mom brain will get you, especially in the beginning!

    And you're not alone - my little man is a huge stuntman and has taken more spills than I can count. I'm just thankful he's on the short side and can't climb up onto our couch on his own (yet).

  3. Thankfully they are fairly resilient! When Riley was just two days old I was sleeping on the couch with him and he rolled right off. The worst I think was when he was about 4 months old and I had his carrier sitting on the kitchen counter and thankfully he was buckled in because he wobbled enough to knock himself right off. I know exactly how you felt when G fell off the bed because I was a complete wreck! Boys are definitely harder..and they get into so much more!

  4. You're human, things are going to happen!! You're a great mom!!

  5. Oh man, we've all been there. When Mini Fox was 3 weeks old or so, she was on my lap and I was getting ready to feed her and I leaned over to get something off the table in front of me, and she rolled right down my legs onto the floor! I felt so stinkin' awful!