Soak It All In

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Graham is approaching the 1.5 year mark and life is so fun. Chris and I were talking the other day about how fun this age is and how we want all babies to come out 1 year old. Not literally, obviously, because ouch, but because this age is so stinking fun.

Our days are filled with going to the pool, going to the park, going to the grocery store, playing at home, playing with friends, and a whole lot more. At this stage, it is easy to become exhausted and wish you could just lay him in his Rock 'N Play and take a nap, but each day I'm focusing on soaking it all in. Soaking in his smell and his laugh. The way his eight teeth look in his tiny mouth, or the way he dances to just about every sound (even when the printer was printing something! Ha!). I'm so blessed to be able to hang with him everyday and I'm loving soaking it all in.

Speaking of soaking it all in, these flats I'm wearing are made here in the USA! The company, SOAK, says, "SOAK slide sandals are sleek and innovative women's sandals designed to give you a more comfortable shoe option for any occasion." I have to agree with them! The design is so sleek and I feel more put together than throwing on my flip-flops. They are so easy to throw in my bag to change out of heels or when we go from the gym to the pool

But, if I'm being honest, they are a bit hard to keep on my feet. If they had one more strap across my foot, or a wider strap, they'd stay on much better. They're fine just walking to the pool, but the moment Graham turns on his turbo-boost, the shoes have to go. I do love the width, though! Having very skinny feet, I find that many flats are too wide, but these fit perfectly!

If you'd like get your own pair of sleek sandals, you can use the code TUCKER15 to get 15% off your order!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Beautiful dress!


  2. Such a pretty dress, and I always say, this is such a fun age! It just keeps getting better!

  3. I love to wear my fedora hat in the summer. Especially with aviator sunglasses :)