My New Adventure!!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Hi, friends!! I'm coming atcha today with a big leap of faith!

I told you about my newest adventure last week on my Vlog, but it was a million minutes long and I knew not many people could watch the whole thing...which is exactly why I introduced my new little adventure at the end of that video...when I figured no one would be watching :)

After a lot of prayers, and guts, I've decided to make it public that I am now an It Works distributor! I wanted to use the products and love them for myself before I told anyone about them!

Here is my WHY:

A few months ago I went in for my yearly checkup and they drew some blood. Not worrying about a thing, I left the doctor's without a care in the world. I got a call a week later telling me that a few of my numbers were not in the "normal" range and that I'd need to come back in for more testing. I, stupidly, Googled and diagnosed myself with cancer and kidney failure which, in turn, got me staying up all night thinking about how I can't fathom the thought of not watching my kids grow up and growing old with Chris. Let's just say I hate Google. 

Everything turned out fine, but in the week span between getting the new lab results in, I really started thinking about how, ever since Graham was born, my health has been put LAST. I live on caffeine, I eat scraps of G's meals, my dairy intake consists of ice cream, and I was not feeling myself. I never workout more than twice a week, and all the vitamins I should be taking were just sitting on my counter.

A friend who I trust completely started selling It Works a few months back and I saw her posting stuff and thought that it couldn't hurt to try some things out. I needed a probiotic, some sort of supplement to help me get in my fruits and veggies (sadly, G's Goldfish are not in either of those categories...), and was ready to start consistently working out!

So, I met up with her and she didn't push ANYTHING on me. She told me her experience with the products and I decided to give it a whirl. I could support my friend and get healthy!


You walk into Nordstrom and buy hundreds of dollars worth of clothes that support Nordstrom's CEO make millions of dollars each year. And, the clothes do nothing for your health!

You walk into GNC and have a teenager consult you on what is best for you, not knowing fully about any of the products.

You spend hundreds at Starbucks (guilty!) which actually is what got me in this dehydrated predicament in the first place! (The doctor determined I was probably really dehydrated.)

My point is that we all buy stuff from people we DON'T trust all the time!! People who may not believe in their product. Yet, we buy it, they make a commission, and then we HAPPILY go tell all our friends about it.

Here's the fact: If It Works was in a storefront, no one would think TWICE about buying it. 

GUILTY!! I had my doubts just like y'all, but you're all willing to try an expensive eye serum or an overpriced foundation, but you block out the thought of trying something a friend sells??

When I really thought about it, if I could support my friend in her efforts to stay home and provide for her family AND get healthy at the same time, why not? She has used the products and could testify to them! That's more to say for the cashier at Sprouts who helped me pick out my previous probiotic.

It Works is known for their wraps, which actually work (ask my brother and sister in law who I forced to wrap!!)! But, I was way more interested in other products that I now use everyday and love!

So, before you unfollow or discount this whole pyramid scheme (eye-roll, which is not what this is because that's illegal...), I encourage you to think about getting healthier and possibly supporting a friend who may just be trying to send her child to dance, or make a few extra dollars to get out of debt. I've heard testimonies, first-hand, from people who were able to get off diabetes medication because of these products. I've heard testimonies from men who never wanted to admit they took the products, but actually lost 30+ pounds.

I'll stop rambling now, but I wanted to thank you all for being so supportive. Y'all know I'm addicted to ice cream and, although it is my true love, I really have to start getting healthy, and this is how I choose to do so.

Your support means the world to me and I look forward to HONESTLY sharing how I feel about the products with you!

If you follow me on instagram (@SarahTuckerUp) you can witness me trying the products and giving you my honest review....and everything has NOT been positive!! Ha!

If you'd like to see the products It Works offers, click here!

Happy Friday!!

Here are my results after using one wrap for 1.5 hours!!

This picture was taken a week later! My results are lasting and momma isn't mad about it one bit!

AND TODAY AND TOMORROW IS BOGO WRAPS! That's a great deal if you're wanting to try the wraps out!!


  1. This is great! Which products do you take daily?

  2. That Is great!! Looks fantastic!! Good luck with your new venture!!

  3. So I've tried the wraps and I must have been doing it wrong bc it never worked out for me. Even tried it on the thighs and nope!

    I will say the mixed berry water thing isn't bad but had to do the pills in the end. The chocolate I saw you do on Instagram is blech but usually all chocolate protein is