DIY Pipe Shelves

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Here is a before shot. I could only find a picture before we moved in!

This is one of those projects that you do, then you wonder why it took you so long to do it!

Our kitchen has this little office nook area that, honestly, just 'catches' all our junk. It is the hurry-clean-the-table-off drop spot, the mail drop spot, my craft area, and it also houses all our stationary, pens, pencils, markers, etc. 

A few weeks ago we emptied all the drawers and cleaned that area out. It wasn't but a day later when all the stuff started to pile back on. There was no place to put everything except for on the actual counter.

The solution? DIY pipe shelves! 

I had seen these everywhere and knew Chris could throw them up in no time. I sent him out to the store and less than a hour later, I had three new shelves that I am completely in love with!

Of course they will eventually be piled high with junk, but I figured I'd show them off before they really got put to use. I can't decide if I like them raw, or if I'm going to stain them. I also am going to paint the drawers white, but that's a project for another weekend :)

Oh, and you might have noticed the HUGE color change! After three years of living with a brown kitchen, I finally bit the bullet and painted the kitchen! The color is Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams. It is the same color in Graham's nursery and our guest bathroom. I LOVE it! I still have plans to change many other things, but that is for a different post!!

Happy Thursday!

PS: I didn't include instructions because there are a million other posts out there that are way more explanatory that I could ever be! Just Google DIY Pip Shelves and then fit the measurements to your needs!


  1. I love those shelves. I totally wish I had a little nook area like that for my computer. It's perfect!

  2. That is a great little nook Sarah! I have some designers working on a built in for my breakfast area...right now everyone walks in from the garage and dumps whatever they have on the kitchen table, bar or even just the floor. #overit

  3. Oh my goodness those pipe shelves are the cutest EVER! We have our kitchen table that seems to be the dumping ground for it all. So sharing these shelves next week!