$15 Dress Three Ways

Monday, July 10, 2017

Man, Monday hit and it hit hard! Chris slept with the monitor on his side last night which meant I didn't wake up to any of Graham's coos during the night. Somehow I subconsciously put a pillow over my head to block out the noise of Chris getting ready for work and when he kissed me goodbye, you'd have thought you were waking me from the deepest slumber ever. #notpretty

Now I'm here watching my 15 month old throw all his breakfast to the dogs while repeatedly saying, "Mommyyyyy, mommy, mommmyyyyyyy, mommy." This is the life!

Moving on to this adorable, yet so simple little black dress that is currently $15. FIFTEEN DOLLARS!!! It is PERFECT for basically anything. It is super light and a great length to be appropriate for all occasions.

Take a look at how I styled it three ways!

Look #1: I've styled this for a dressier look. You could always swap the wedges for heels and go even dressier. My kimono is great if you're going to an event inside where it may be chillier. And of course this Kendra Scott necklace is a must because it goes with everything!

- kimono (yes, I got it from Walmart!!)

Look #2: This is probably my favorite look because it is so super casual and comfy. This would be a great fall transition look, or it could be summery depending on where you live and if your state is an oven like Texas.

Look #3: Hello, perfect summer outfit. Now all I need is a patio and some wine! This is my go-to look lately. Nothing beats denim and neutrals!

Happy Monday, friends!!

PS: If you've been following along on my instagram (@SarahTuckerUp) you might notice that I'm sharing more of my outfits (when I do actually get dressed up!). People seem to love things that are affordable and that's my whole wardrobe, so I'll be sharing more outfits in the future!


  1. I always forget to tie a chambray top around my waist when I'm looking for a "completer piece"!

  2. I agree the second look would be great for fall!