State Fair of Texas

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fried food, rides that make you want to barf the fried food, and ummmm more fried food. Yup, that about sums up the State Fair of Texas. Add in a couple cute animals that look like they are on their death bed because of the Texas heat something out of a movie and you've got yourself one heck of a day.

This past Sunday Chris and I, along with my cousin and his girlfriend, ventured down to the State Fair in search of a foot long corn dog and other super healthy foods.
We started the day off with Deep Fried Grilled Cheese. SO good. I had this last year and it was a must this year. They serve it with a small cup of tomato soup (yum!), pic-nic stix (do you know what I am talking about??), and a pickle. Quite a deal for Fair food.

We paced ourselves, so approximately five minutes later Chris got a foot long corn dog. You think we came to the fair to see Tex and the car show? must not know the Tuckers well enough yet. We came to gorge ourselves on fried food. Eating is what we do best. Just read about our Honeymoon. It was more like an Eatingmoon. 

As I was saying, the Tuckers know how to pace our eating. Down went the Deep Fried Grilled Cheese - mainly eaten by muah - and then down went the corn dog - mainly eaten by the Mr. Still not satisfied, we set our sites on the Fried Mac-and-Cheese Slider. After seeing that disappointment (basically a cheeseburger, boooo.), we opted for this bad boy.

That is the leg of a turkey. Pure deliciousness. You know those moments in public when you find yourself with 25 napkins in front of you and food all over your face? If I said this was one of those moments, would you judge? I sure hope not because we dropped our manners and dug into this thing. We ate it like we were a starved newlywed couple living off Ramen noodles (and we all know that isn't true!). I couldn't even take a picture of it because my hands were so messy. Sorry Mom!

In order to make room for more treats we walked around for a bit. Here is what we saw.

Carver Dan by day, law student Dan by night (yes, we may have interviewed Carver Dan a bit). It was so fun to watch him work.

Did I mention it was October 14th and 85 degrees. I was wearing summer clothes. That is wrong Texas, just wrong.

We made a hot and super crowded fun trip to the petting zoo. The animals were adorable. As I mentioned earlier, some of these animals look like they were on their last leg...if ya know waht I mean...see that baby kangaroo...not looking too 'hot'.


And WHAT IN THE WORLD!!! are these?!?!?!? I grew up in the country with some weird stuff and I never saw a four-horned sheep! I believe they were called Jacob's 4-horned sheep...hmmm...not sure what to think about these aliens animals. They wouldn't turn to face the crowd...I don't blame them.

Once again, I have never seen so many animals dying lying before my eyes. Poor things.

Chris said these Llamas, Alpacas, whatever they are, have "poodle haircuts."

The Cowboy game was on while we were at the Fair (Chris was not a happy camper), but it was as though God didn't want to let Chris and Jason (my cousin) miss the happy ending of the game. Right before our eyes, Southwest Airlines had a big screen set up so we could see....I'll stop there.

We ended the day on a 'sweet' note, despite the Cowboy loss. Lay your eyes upon the 2012 Best Tasting Food Winner of the State Fair...

Deep Fried Tres Leches Cake

Oh. My. Heavens. It came with strawberries and peaches on the side. Words don't describe the greatness of this invention. My mouth is watering right now.

 Oh, but wait, that's not it! Chris got his favorite, cotton candy, and I got my favorite, Bananasplit Dippin' Dots. Since we were now in a sugar coma we decided to load back up on the DART and head north.

By the way, the DART is the way to goooo for those looking to go to the fair. $4 all day pass to ride the DART. No fighting traffic and most importantly, no driving while full of fried food and sugar. Safety first.

Until next year, State Fair. 2012 is now in the books.


  1. I can't get that grilled cheese out of my mind.

  2. Where do I start Sarah?? I LOVE going to the Tx State Fair...for the food too!!! That deep fried grilled cheese has my mouth watering!! Crazy four horned animals and the poodle haircut llamas made me laugh :)

  3. Yum!!!!! Love taking the Dart down there....and so funny you're all hot and sunny, and the day we went we were in hats and gloves!