Deerly Beloved Study

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One of the items on our Chris's wish list for a house was a "man cave." Chris is slightly majorly obsessed with books and he wanted a 'study' where he felt like he could go be a man. Being that I was given get control of the other design aspects of our home, I am letting Chris have free rein (for now) of his "man cave."

Once I complete a few other rooms in our house, I will begin designing a "manly", yet sophisticated 'study.' Until then Chris is the designer...remember I have NOTHING to do with what has happened in this room so far. Although I did make a bold suggestion on picture placement. That is the only thing I will take credit for.

And now I introduce you to...

Mr. Deer Head #1

And Mr. Deer Head #2 - also pictured at the beginning of the post

Now, as much as you may think this grosses me out, it actually doesn't bother me at all. I grew up in the boon-docks, so dead animals hanging from the walls is like candles on a mantle to me: I don't even notice. Even though once-live animals hanging on a wall doesn't bother me, Chris was asked to keep them confined to his man cave. These deer were the first items he hung. He is aiming to get another "trophy" in a couple of weeks when he goes hunting. Lord, help me :)

Ever since we moved into our house, we really have been using the study as storage. Wedding stuff, unhung pictures, and extra furniture all live in the study. Chris has been dying to "hang stuff on the walls," so I finally gave in. I am not too worried about what it looks like because once I get my hands on that room, it will be totally different...and not look like a college dorm room/library, yet a great mixture of man things and hunting, at Chris's request.

Here is a preview of Chris's version of his "Man Cave." Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Tucker's designing debut.

As you can see this room is still used for storage, but Chris is happy with his progress. I am happy that he allowed me to give some input on hanging the pictures. I didn't even bother staging the room because, well, the pictures speak true to how the room is! Messy and unfinished, and I am a-ok with that.

Chris's favorite picture of all time is the one with the turkey in it. He bid on that 'gem' at a silent auction and he adores it. As long as it stays in the man cave, I adore it as well :)

I painted the picture of the longhorn in high school. Chris thinks it is the goofiest looking thing in the world, and I kinda do makes us giggle.

The other two pictures...we have no idea where they came from and they will probably find another lovely home someday, but for now, they are hangin' out in "tha cave" (what? this room has three names; man cave, study, and tha cave? yes.).

So, there ya have it. HGTV Design Stars, watch out because C-Tuck is in the howwwse. I can't wait to surprise him one day with the "Man Cave" of his if only money grew on trees...


  1. OKAY. This is just getting weird. I too have 2 deer at my house! AND...he is also planning on bringing home another one after opening weekend!!!!!! Seriously, we have to meet. Maybe on opening weekend we can meet for lunch?!?
    p.s. I have a turkey too. Not even kidding. I guess that guys need to meet too. :)

  2. I saw the deer head post on my facebook feed and had to read. We are in exact same boat except substitue deer ehad for cape buffalo head. Deer are at least a little cute and not GIANT. My husband doesn't really care what happens to his trophies but his mother is VERY attached for whatever reason. If only we had a mancave... I need to send you a picture of these beasts. The other side of the story is while Patrick was away at college his parents took care of the heads and when we finally picked them up (I avoided it for as long as possible), they had already lost at least half their fur and were covered in spider webs and marked by a distinct dead animal musk. So far I am winning the battles, they are in the garage (where my car will no longer fit). We shall see if I will win the war.